Biden Campaign Has Just 3 Words After Trump Seems To Leak Debate Talking Points

A member of Joe Biden’s campaign team had a deadpan response after Donald Trump appeared to leak some of his debate talking points on social media.

On Thursday, just hours before Trump was scheduled to debate Biden on CNN, the former president made a post on his Truth Social platform that appeared to show some of what he expects the moderators to ask him about, and his planned responses.

The post featured a note about climate change that was attributed to Andrew Wheeler, Trump’s former EPA administrator and a former coal lobbyist. In the note, Wheeler seemed to advise the former president to say carbon dioxide emissions dropped under his administration, to blame Biden for energy cost increases and to trash his move to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords.

Trump truth social post regarding June 27 CNN debate
Trump truth social post regarding June 27 CNN debate

Those remarks are markedly different from Trump’s previous comments. In the past, he’s falsely claimed climate change is a “hoax,” but now seems poised to frame lower emissions as a positive.

Ammar Moussa, a member of Biden’s rapid response team, had this to say about Trump previewing his debate remarks: “Thanks I guess.”

The Biden-Harris campaign also reposted Trump’s Truth Social note, calling the former president “desperate.”

Others also had thoughts.

HuffPost reached out to the Trump campaign for comment, but no one immediately responded.