Biden and Brazil's Bolsonaro meet for first time

STORY: Biden reached out to Bolsonaro, a far-right populist, in a last-ditch attempt to save a hemispheric summit, while Bolsonaro will use a meeting with the world's most powerful man to boost his image as he heads into a tough re-election campaign.

The U.S. president made encouraging remarks about the Amazon, although Bolsonaro has been criticized for his record in protecting the rainforest.

“You’ve made some real sacrifices in the country in the way you try to protect the Amazon, which is a great carbon sink in the world. I think the rest of the world should be participating in helping you finance being able to preserve as much as you can. Seems like it’s an international responsibility and we'd all benefit from it,” Biden said.

Bolsonaro is a populist and admirer of ex-president Donald Trump.

The former army captain who cast his presidency after Trump's, has echoed the baseless allegations of fraud in the 2020 vote.

Bolsonaro has raised similar doubts about Brazil's voting system, calling it liable to fraud without providing evidence.

However, during the meeting Bolsonaro appeared to suggest he would accept the outcome of the Brazil election.

"This year we will be having elections in Brazil and we do wish to have honest, clean, transparent, auditable, and reliable elections so that there will be no shadow of a doubt whatsoever following it. I am certain the elections will take place in such a democratic spirit. I came to office via democracy and I’m certain that when I leave office it will also be through democratic means,” the Brazilian president said.

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