Biden bans Nicaragua officials from entering U.S

U.S President Joe Biden on Tuesday banned members of the Nicaraguan government from entering the United States.

It's part of a broader response to Nicaragua's elections that Washington says were rigged, in favor of President Daniel Ortega.

The ban applies to all "elected officials" aswell as Ortega's wife, security force members and anyone seen as undermining democracy in the country.

Canada and Britain have also slapped sanctions on officials.

Ortega, a former Marxist guerrilla leader has jailed political rivals and cracked down on media.

Many analysts are skeptical whether new measures will have much impact as previous sanctions and freezing of assets have done little to deter Ortega.

Last Friday, the Organization of American States (OAS) adopted a resolution saying Nicaragua's election lacked "democratic legitimacy."

Twenty-five nations voted in favor and seven abstained, including Mexico, Honduras and Bolivia.

Now, Nicaragua may be pulling away from the group.

Nicaraguan lawmakers on Tuesday approved a law that calls on Ortega to denounce the democratic charter of the OAS.

Gustavo Porres is president of Nicaragua's congress.

"It is in itself disrespectful, illegitimate and absolutely ignorant of the principles that led to the foundation of this international organisation."

It's a move that another lawmaker said would be a prelude to Nicaragua leaving the organization.

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