Biden’s approval rating falls to lowest level this year

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has hit its lowest point so far this year, with one poll from Reuters/Ipsos reporting the president’s approval rating is just 39 per cent.

Approximately two months out from the first primary election, voters’ faith in Mr Biden is sinking on key issues like the economy, crime and immigration – which a majority of voters say are their biggest concerns.

When asked what their top concern was heading into the 2024 election, 20 per cent of respondents said the economy was number one.

Though Mr Biden travelled around the US to promote his policy “Bidenomics” this summer, voters are seemingly growing tired of the slow-to-improve economy.

Over the last month, Mr Biden has seen a dip in his approval rating. Polling from The Economist / YouGov, FiveThirtyEight and CNN all reflect similar results as the Reuters/Ipsos survey.

The latest survey results raise some concerns for Democrats as they head into the 2024 election.

Mr Biden, who is seeking re-election, is currently the expected Democratic nominee. Pollsters predict the president could be taking on the ex-president, Donald Trump, in a 2020 election rematch that voters don’t appear particularly excited about.

But so far, early surveys indicate Mr Trump has a leg-up on Mr Biden.

The ex-president has been campaigning across the country on issues like the economy, immigration and crime, which are top issues for conservative voters.

Mr Trump seems to be resonating with voters in a way Mr Biden is not. One recent New York Times/Sienna College poll found that Mr Trump is leading in five swing states.

If Mr Biden is going to take on the ex-president next year, he will have some catching up to do