'BFFs': Toddler and Dog Snuggle Up for Nap

A Philadelphia toddler has a perfect nap partner in the family dog, a TikTok video shows.

Hillary DelViscio, a mom in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, shared footage of her now-three-year-old daughter, Sloan, and her adorable friendship with the pooch, named Chief, to her Down With The Dels TikTok account.

Sloan, who has Down syndrome, can be seen in the footage looking delighted as she gently hugs and pets Chief, who is lying peacefully in bed. Sloan’s mother captioned the video “best friends forever.”

“Chief is 5 years old,” DelViscio told Storyful, “and yes they have always gotten along even though Sloan uses him as a jungle gym most days!” This footage, she said, was originally captured in March 2020, when Sloan was two.

DelViscio also runs Instagram and Facebook pages where she charts “our life with DS.”

The first post on DelViscio’s Instagram account shows a smiling Sloan back in 2019 with the words: “My name is Sloan and I rock an extra chromosome (and a little attitude some may say). I may have Down Syndrome, but NOTHING can keep me down! My parents created this IG for me to show others how beautiful Down syndrome truly is and to meet some pretty rockin’ people along the way.” Credit: Hillary DelViscio via Storyful

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