Beyond Meat brings back faux chicken strips

Beyond Meat is taking another go at faux chicken.

The meat alternative company on Thursday rolled out plant-based chicken tenders at around 400 U.S. restaurants.

The launch is Beyond Meat's latest attempt at the chicken market. A previous alternative to chicken strips didn't go over well, forcing it to be pulled off shelves nearly two years ago.

Beyond Meat's revived interest in plant-based chicken is not without competition. Morningstar Farms, a unit of Kellogg, has competing products under it's Incogmeato moniker.

As the only pure-play faux meat company on the stock market, Beyond Meat has to continue to innovate to keep investors happy.

But it's been a bit of a struggle lately.

It's locked into a price war at the supermarket with rival Impossible Foods...

And its Beyond Meat sausage was reportedly dropped off the menu at hundreds of Dunkin Donuts' locations around the U.S.

Beyond Meat is also trying to re-grow its food-service business after many restaurants were closed last year during the health crisis.

Sales to restaurants and other outlets were down 26 percent in the three months to April.

Shares of Beyond Meat are up year-to-date but down more than 2 percent from a year ago.

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