'Do Better': SNP Leader Slams Rishi Sunak For Not Recalling Parliament After Bombing Houthis

Stephen Flynn criticised the PM.
Stephen Flynn criticised the PM.

Stephen Flynn criticised the PM.

Rishi Sunak has been condemned by the SNP’s leader at Westminster for not recalling parliament after authorising military action in Yemen.

The prime minister gave the go-ahead for the bombing of Houthi targets alongside US warplanes last week.

That followed the repeated targeting of vessels - including the Royal Navy - in the Red Sea by the Houthis.

A row erupted over Sunak’s decision not to give MPs a vote ahead of the bombardment.

The PM also rejected calls for him to recall parliament over the weekend so MPs could debate the military action.

Sunak finally made a Commons statement about it today, but came under fire from SNP chief Stephen Flynn.

He said: “Whilst the prime minister has sought to defend his decision not to come to the house last week, it is quite clear that this house should have been recalled.

“It is what the public would have expected, and I would urge him to do better in future.”

Sunak insisted the government had followed the “correct procedures” in the run-up to taking action against the Houthis.