'Better than the Met' vintage plate museum in New York

STORY: Location: New York

Check out this vintage plate museum hidden above a store in New York

Many of them are more than a century old and none of them are for sale

"This is dated 1912."

"Look, 1905."

Julie Gaines started collecting dishes 36 years ago when she opened her store Fishs Eddy

Restaurant supply stores would offer old dishware from their basements thinking it was junk

[Julie Gaines/Founder of Fishs Eddy]

"When we found them, we could see that these were pieces of historical significance. These pieces really went back to the turn of the century."

"This is my favorite plate. It's LaGuardia Airport."

"Somebody made this beautiful dye cut with that little mechanism. And that's how they did the spray."

Gaines says the dishes are an important part of history and how Americans dined

She recently began offering tours of her space

"A couple came from out of town and they said, 'This was better than the Met. This was better than seeing the Statue of Liberty. It was the highlight,' of their trip."

""I feel very proud that we're a little bit of the fabric of New York City. I can't imagine not being here and doing this."