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'Pure bliss': This bestselling towel warmer makes a dreamy Valentine's Day gift and it's down to a record-low price

For toasty towels, blankets and bathrobes — give it to a loved one who needs some extra TLC.

There's nothing like taking a hot shower when the temps are downright frigid — but stepping out of the tub and into the cold air? No thanks! That said, there's a simple solution: The No. 1 bestselling Keenray Towel Warmer. It quickly heats up towels, PJs, blankets and bathrobes for a spa-like treat that'll make you forget all about winter's chill. And if you still need a thoughtful, fancy-ish Valentine's Day gift for a loved one, they'll appreciate it too. (It'll arrive by Feb. 14 with Prime if you order soon!) It's also on super-sale at Amazon, so you might even want to snag a few!

Goodbye shower shivers, hello toasty towels!

Save $55 with Prime and coupon
$92 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

According to our price trackers, this bathroom accessory is down to the lowest it's been since, well, ever. And while $92 isn't exactly cheap, it's pretty reasonable for a product that'll totally transform the post-shower experience into a full-on luxury session. Just note that this price is exclusively for Prime members who apply the on-page coupon.

Why do I need this?

Many warmers only fit one towel at a time, but the Keenray's extra-large size can accommodate two oversized towels. It's also quick — it starts warming up in 60 seconds and reaches peak heat in about six minutes. "The feeling that envelopes you is pure bliss," swooned one fan. "This feels like a luxury to me and if I forget to turn it on, I'm a bit mad at myself."

Speaking of turning it on, with just one power button, it couldn't be easier to operate. It can stay on for up to an hour, plus, its wooden handle and base give it loads of aesthetic appeal. Want to toss a little aromatherapy into the mix? It comes with a fragrance disc to infuse towels and linens with olfactory goodness.

someone in a bathtub with the white towel warmer nearby
Sleek, stylish and oh-so-cozy — this towel warmer is a guaranteed hit of a Valentine's Day gift. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

Over 3,100 Amazon customers love the Keenray Towel Warmer. And quite a few people have called it the "best gift ever."

"I want one in every bathroom," declared a satisfied shopper. "[I] bought this as a gift. The entire room oohed and aahed over it because who doesn’t want a warm towel right out [of] the shower? We all love grabbing that fresh, warm shirt out [of] the dryer, this is even better. We tested it out before gifting. In a few minutes, the towel was warm completely through. We now need to buy one for ourselves and [the] kids' bath."

"The warmer is aesthetically pleasing and looks just as advertised," wrote another impressed user. "The towels get hot and have the spa-like steamy warmth that feels luxurious. This is different from the dryer-type heating, which is a dry heat — the difference is more like a light steam at the end of a dryer cycle. Added bonus for the ability to add essential oils!"

"It's like a warm hug when you step out of the shower," gushed a final fan. "I have no idea how I ever survived without this towel warmer. ... The only con about this warmer is that the bottom doesn't heat up, so there's a bit of a learning curve in how to set the towel in it to get maximum contact with the sides."

Get it while it's nearly 40% off!

Save $55 with coupon
$92 at Amazon

Want even more luxury? These top-rated shower steamers also make great gifts:

These shower steamers release essential oils in scents like Jasmine, Chamomile and Lavender for a blissful bathing experience. 

"This was the best shower I ever had," shared a calm customer. "I was so relaxed, afterwards I went to sleep that night without tossing and turning. The scent made my bathroom smell like a wonderful garden. They have a permanent customer as I will continue to buy these for myself and as gifts."

$16 at Amazon

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