Wahoo Cyber Monday: The best deals and prices where stock exists

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 Wahoo Cyber Monday
Wahoo Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has arrived and along with it, many of Friday's deals have cropped up once again, so if you're looking for some Cyber Monday Wahoo deals, you're in the right place.

In our commitment to bring you all of the best Cyber Monday bike deals, below we have outlined all of the best deals on Wahoo Fitness' range of cycling tech that we can find. However, Wahoo has a reputation for being good at controlling it's pricing, so prices are generally very steady and rarely discounted. To this end, when it comes to Cyber Monday, any deals you do find at third party retailers are likely to sell quickly. However, Wahoo typically also offers a single, (usually very good) deal via its own website.

This year, that deal arrived on Thursday evening, and it will continue until 23:59 on Cyber Monday (in various local time zones).

This year, instead of a standalone discount, the brand has shifted gears slightly and is offering a free year of the Wahoo SUF training app (The Sufferfest) with the purchase of a smart trainer (though it has to be bought directly from Wahoo). That means you can get US$129.00 worth of structured indoor cycling training for no extra cost so you can get the most out of your new indoor trainer.

The deal applies to the full smart trainer range, which includes the Kickr Snap, Kickr Core, Kickr, and the Kickr bike, and it also looks to be available on reconditioned units for those who want to save a little bit of extra cash.

Of course, there are retailers other than Wahoo themselves which have stock that can be discounted, however, demand has been high leading to limited availability as we reach the end of the year.

As we all know, 2020 has not been a normal year, and with lockdown creating an influx of riders turning to indoor cycling as a result of lockdown measures, the turbo trainer market was hugely affected. The stock ran down to zero and it's still recovering today. There haven't been that many Cyber Monday turbo trainers deals this year but rest assured, everything we have found will be shared below, and in addition to any deals we can find, we've rounded up the best prices on Wahoo tech where stock remains available.

Cyber Monday quick deals

Today's best deals: USA

Today's best deals: UK

Today's best Wahoo Cyber Monday deals and prices

Where to buy the Wahoo Elemnt Rival smartwatch?

Wahoo Elemnt Rival smartwatch
$380.00 at REI.com | UK: £349.99 at Wiggle
Launched little more than a week ago, the Elemnt Rival smartwatch is unlikely to be given the Cyber Monday deal treatment. Stocks are limited, but we've found a few available over at REI and a few at Wiggle. Act quickly, as they're selling out fast.

Best deals on Wahoo turbo trainers

US Wahoo turbo trainer deals

Wahoo Kickr Snap | Buy at Wahoo (Get SUF free for a year)
Now $500.00
If you're just getting into indoor cycling and want to experience Zwift, TrainerRoad or the Sufferfest, the Kickr Core is smart-enabled and will match the resistance to what you see on the screen. Using a wheel-on design, the Snap can still produce 1500W of resistance within +/-3 percent accuracy and simulate a 12 percent grade.

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Wahoo Kickr Core | Buy at Wahoo (Get SUF free for a year)
Now $900.00
With a 12lbs flywheel and up to 1600W of resistance, the Kickr Core is a slightly paired down version of the fully-fledged Kickr. It maintains all the connectivity of its more expensive brand mate, and comes with adaptors for every hub standard except SuperBoost. It also loses the foldable legs but saves you a couple of hundred bucks over the regular Kickr.View Deal

Wahoo Kickr V5 | Buy at Wahoo (Get SUF free for a year)
Now $1,199.99
Back in August, Wahoo launched the fifth generation of its Kickr Smart trainer. The unit's guts are almost the same; however, the power accuracy has improved to +/-1 per cent, and the brand introduced automatic calibration - no more pre-ride spindown needed. Wahoo has added what it calls AXIS feet that introduce five degrees of side-to-side movement, which is designed to mimic riding outside. If you do pull the trigger on a Kickr from Wahoo, you will receive a free year of the Wahoo SUF Training app. View Deal

Wahoo Kickr Bike | But at Wahoo (Get SUF free for a year)
Now $3,499.99
If you're starting your pain cave setup from scratch and would rather not relegate one of your bikes to the house, there's a lot to be gained from Wahoo's Kickr smart bike. Constructed from robust steel and aluminium, the Kickr Bike uses the same legendary flywheel technology as the Kickr smart trainer, which means incredible power accuracy and responsiveness. The Kickr Bike delivers real-time grade changes to match ascents of up to 20 per cent, replicating an authentic ride feel that enables you to maintain your pace. You can programme the virtual shifting to match your preferred gear ratio, number of speeds, cassette tooth count and even groupset from Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. All in all it delivers the ultimate indoor bike training setup, while the free year's subscription to Wahoo SUF Training will make the perfect companion for it.

UK Wahoo turbo trainer deals

Wahoo Kickr Snap | Buy at Wahoo (Get SUF free for a year)
Now $500.00
If you're just getting into indoor cycling and want to experience Zwift, TrainerRoad or the Sufferfest, the Kickr Core is smart-enabled and will match the resistance to what you see on the screen. Using a wheel-on design, the Snap can still produce 1500W of resistance within +/-3 percent accuracy and simulate a 12 percent grade.

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Wahoo Kickr Core | Buy at Wahoo (Get SUF free for a year)
Now £699.99
If you live in the UK, the Kickr Core is sold out almost everywhere, but, Wahoo is showing stock, and it comes with the free year of SUF.

Wahoo Kickr V4 | 17% off at Wahoo
Was £1,199.99| Now £849.99
With the release of the latest Kickr V5, there are some deals to be had on the older version, which was released in 2018. With the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the remaining stock was snapped up, but Wahoo is offering certified reconditioned V4 units with a 1-year warranty for a discount. You can also upgrade it to accommodate the AXIS feet. Currently the US site is showing they have run out of Kickr V4's, but the UK site is showing stock — but it won't last for long. View Deal

Wahoo Kickr Bike | Buy at Wahoo
Now £2,999.00
The Kickr Bike combines the Kickr Climb and Kick smart trainer into a single unit, meaning your bike and drivetrain components can stay shiny and new for riding outdoors. Unique to the Kickr Bike is a magnetic resistance unit that requires no calibration and is accurate to +/-1 per cent. Every touchpoint is adjustable, and the Wahoo app will help you mirror your bike fit, so you can spend less time faffing and more time riding. View Deal

Best deals on Wahoo Cycling Computers

US Wahoo Cycling Computers deals

Elemnt Roam Bundle | Save $30 now at REI
Now $480.00
With a color screen and improved navigation and mapping, the Wahoo Elemnt Roam is the perfect training companion. It speaks the same language as Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors and even has support for things like the Garmin Varia Radar and Specialized ANGi crash sensor. Grab the bundle and you get the new Tickr heart rate strap, and Wahoo's Speed and cadence sensors, too. View Deal

Wahoo ELEMNT bike computer | 10% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $399.99 | Now $359.99
While the Elemnt has been around for a while, it's still a very capable machine, thanks in part due to Wahoo's commitment to giving it the same updates it gives the newer Bolt and Roam computers. View Deal

UK Wahoo Cycling Computers deals

Wahoo Elemnt Roam | Buy now direct from Wahoo
Now £299.99
If you have a heart rate strap and speed and cadence sensor sorted, you can pick up the head unit on its own direct from Wahoo. It comes in the box with a standard quarter-turn mount and an out in front mount too.View Deal

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt | Buy direct from Wahoo
Now £184.99
We didn't want to leave our UK-based readers hanging so if you're in the market for an Elemnt Bolt, check out direct from Wahoo.View Deal

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer | Buy now from Rutland Cycling
If you like the smaller size factor of the Bolt and are in the market for an HR strap and speed and cadence sensor, Rutland has you set with the bundle packageView Deal

Best deals on Wahoo accessories

US Wahoo accessories deals

Wahoo Kickr Headwind | Buy now at Competitive Cyclist
Now $249.99
With enough power to make it seem like your riding into a hurricane, the Wahoo Kickr Headwind is designed to mirror a rider's shape on the bike for max cooling. It's Bluetooth enabled so the fan can be controlled manually, or paired to your heart rate, speed sensor or Wahoo trainer to change speed as you ride.View Deal

Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor | Buy now at REI
Now $50.00
With ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, the new Tickr can connect to up to three Bluetooth devices at once and has two LED status lights to let you know when it's connected or has found a pulse. It's IPX 7 rated down to 5ft, so you can swim with it, and it's near-universally compatible with apps and devices.View Deal

UK Wahoo accessories deals

Wahoo Kickr Climb | Buy now at Leisure Lakes Bikes
Now £449.99
If you already have a Kickr trainer and are looking to make your indoor cycling experience even more interactive, the Kickr Climb raises and lowers the front end of your bike as you ride through the pixel-based virtual worlds of training apps such as Zwift.

In the US, Competitive Cyclist and REI have the Kickr Climb for $599.99.View Deal

Wahoo KICKR 12x142 Thru Axle Adaptor | 5% off at Rutland Cycling
Was £24.99 | Now £23.74
If you own an older turbo trainer and a new disc-brake bike, there's a good chance you've found a compatibility issue where your new thru-axles don't fit on the QR-mounting points on your turbo trainer. This will solve that. View Deal

Wahoo RPM Cycling Speed & Cadence Sensor | £59.98 at Amazon
Whether you're tracking your ride data out on the road or want a budget Zwift setup, the RPM sensors speak Bluetooth (and ANT+) so will happily get you riding indoors on your smartphone. View Deal

But who are Wahoo?

Wahoo's roots originate in a simple ANT+ dongle, which allowed founder and current CEO, Chip Hawkins, to pair external sensors to his smartphone so it could be used as a head unit replacement. This problem-solving ethos is what the Atlanta, Georgia-based technology outfit has built its brand upon - and is now producing everything from dual-band sensors to one of the best smart bikes. The key to all of Wahoo's gear is that it's easy to use and reliable. The head units are intuitive and offer best in class app integration, and the wheel-on, direct-drive smart trainers smart bike are universally compatible with indoor cycling apps, including The Sufferfest which Wahoo acquired in July 2019.

If you're unsure what to choose in Wahoo's comprehensive range of cycling products we've compiled a Wahoo Fitness range overview to keep you abreast of current trends. We've also compiled buyer's guides on the best turbo trainers, best cycling computers and best heart rate monitors too.

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Fear not, we're not just going to leave you hanging with just a few Wahoo Cyber Monday deals, if you're in the business of Cyber Monday deal hunting, then the list below outlines all of our work to bring you the best deals this BCyber Monday, broken down into categorised hubs of deals.