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The 30 best stocking stuffers for everyone on your Christmas list

Playing Santa this year? Then browse these ideas for kids, teens, women and men.

invisible-ink pens, magnetic wristband, perfume bar, trinket container
Small but mighty, all of these gift ideas come in under $30 (but most are less than $10). (Photo Illustration: Amanda Garrity/ Yahoo News; photos: Amazon, Anthropologie)

There's a science to picking the best stocking stuffers, and Santa Claus is, of course, the expert. But if you've been tasked with filling your family's stockings this Christmas, you're in luck because I've searched high and low to find unique, wallet-friendly ideas for all ages.

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Socks and Santa-shaped chocolates are stocking staples, but they're noticeably absent from this list. Instead, you'll find a mix of cheap picks (we're talking $30 or less) that are anything but ordinary. Think: a rechargeable lighter for candle connoisseurs, a reusable gel that cleans even the smallest crevices in his car and light-up cubes that you can throw into your kid's bath.

As Yahoo's gifting editor, it's literally my job to help people find the perfect treats for all manner of recipients and occasions. And while most of the focus next month may be on the presents wrapped under the tree, I believe the smallest gifts can make the biggest impact (when done right, of course). That's why I've compiled a list of ideas based on the inspiring and fun things I've given, received and wished for. Some of these finds are even favorites among Yahoo editors and readers — the watch and eyeglass screwdriver set, for example.

My guess: Even Santa himself would approve of these stocking stuffers for men, women, kids and teens.

Stocking stuffers for women

Made with natural sleep aids such as lavender, chamomile and vetiver, this will help calm her mind and get her snoozing in no time. Just spritz pillowcases and bed linens just before bedtime.

$23 at Amazon

No flames or fuel here. Charge this lighter via a standard USB cord, then keep tabs on its battery life with the LED display.

$7 at Amazon

This ballpoint pen will put her in the right headspace. Flip a small switch at the top of the pen to emit a “refreshing and relaxing” blend of peppermint, rosemary and fig essences.

$10 at Amazon

Whether she's soaking in the tub, scrubbing off makeup or cleaning the house, this terry cloth set will keep water where it belongs — away from her hair and off her arms.

$8 at Amazon

Got a potluck princess in your life? Next time, she'll be able to stamp a custom message into her dough, so everyone will know exactly whose kitchen those delectable cookies came from. Pick from eight designs, all of which can be personalized.

$26 at Etsy

Make her cracked dogs springtime-ready! She can apply her favorite moisturizer, slip these on to lock it in and wake up to soft, happy feet.

$14 at Amazon

Give her a pretty, personalized place to store all her baubles, bangles, beads and bling. Perfect for any dresser or nightstand.

$18 at Anthropologie

She can pick a card, any card, from this deck for an instant mood boost. While some of them provide a simple pick-me-up, others list clever ways to connect with the community, practice gratitude, appreciate the moment and learn something new.

$15 at Amazon

Even the most dedicated readers can doze off when snuggled up with a good (or not-so-good) book. This will hold her spot when she starts snoozing.

$20 at Uncommon Goods

It may look like any ol’ luggage ID, but no — this one has a removable battery pack with a USB charging port tucked inside. “So convenient to have a charger in the most inconspicuous place, and you don’t need to search for a plug or carry those large battery packs,” one fully charged customer wrote.

$32 at Calpak

Stocking stuffers for men

Word on the street is that Darth Vader has great taste in music. Your Star Wars fan can connect this two-inch speaker to any Bluetooth-enabled device to see if that’s true.

$14 at Amazon

His new go-to for eyeglass and timepiece repair comes with five different magnetic bits. Take it from Scott Simone, Yahoo’s Managing Editor: “This one — large in the hand, with several different bits — have saved me a trip (or three) to the optometrist for very-much-needed adjustments to my specs."

$6 at Amazon

A car vacuum can only do so much. This reusable goo, on the other hand, is specially designed to boldly go into air vents, consoles, steering wheels and other hard-to-clean spots. Press it into the car’s nooks and crevices, then pull it away slowly to remove years of dust, dirt and grime.

$7 at Amazon

This pocket-size juice box has racked up more than 10,000 rave reviews on Amazon (Read some of them here.). Along with being compact and easy to pack, it provides about four or five full charges for an iPhone.

$20 at Amazon

He works hard, he plays hard, and sometimes he overheats. He can run this under water for 10 seconds, wring it out and drape it around his neck for some blissful relief. It will stay cool for up to two hours on the hottest days.

$9 at Amazon

He wears his baseball cap on the green, in the outfield and just about anywhere else he can get away with it. These peel-and-stick liners will keep sweat, smells and unsightly stains at bay. This price is for a 6-pack, but smaller and larger denominations are also available. 

$28 at Amazon
Uncommon Goods

These stones can be chilled in the refrigerator, then placed over tired, puffy peepers. “My migraines start behind my eyes and these are so soothing in easing the pain. Likewise for sinus headaches,” one satisfied shopper wrote.

$20 at Uncommon Goods

The good news? He’ll send this pointed message each and every time he kicks back with these socks. The bad news? He’ll send this pointed message each and every time he kicks back with these socks.

$10 at Amazon

Your handyman is about to be a whole lot, well, handier. When he wears this magnetic wristband, he can keep screws, nails, bolts and drill bits literally within arm’s reach.

$8 at Amazon

Got a spirit-ually inclined guy in your life? This soap doesn’t necessarily smell like bourbon, but it does have a rich, woodsy scent like the oak barrels at Buffalo Trace Distillery. 

$24 at Amazon

Stocking stuffers for kids and teens

Now the aspiring spy in your brood can write special messages for their eyes only — or the eyes of the ones they trust. The ink is completely invisible unless they shine it with the blacklight from the pen’s cap.

$8 at Amazon

Apparently, reindeer farts smell — and taste? — like peppermint. That’s news to me, but not to more than 11,000 Amazon shoppers. “I won't lie, the whole reason I purchased this is because I knew that my kids would laugh at the name. However, I was really happy with how yummy the actual cotton candy in the bag was! The candy was fresh and well packaged, and the product name got the laughs expected,” one happy customer wrote.

$9 at Amazon

If the lass in your life is still figuring out her signature scent, she can test out one of these fruit-forward fragrance sticks, which let her apply as much (or as little) as she’d like without being overpowering.

$14 at Amazon

Bring farm animals to life with a water pen. Once your little artist inks in their four masterpieces, they can wipe the pages clean for another round of fun. 

$4 at Amazon

The merriest manicure coming right up! She can dress up her mistle-tips with green, red and iridescent white nail polish, then apply festive nail-art stickers for a look to remember.

$14 at Target

The kids will love-a-dub-dub these! They start glowing as soon as they hit the water (and turn off as soon as you drain the tub), which will be a welcome surprise for your kiddos.

$20 at Uncommon Goods

This case contains 12 pieces with, incredibly, 200 puzzle possibilities. Brainteasers range from easy to difficult, so they can work their way up to more advanced challenges as the years tick by.

$10 at Amazon

Kids looove personalized gifts — all the better to safeguard them from their buttinsky siblings. Spell out their name with crayons (from $5 to $29, depending on length) featuring solid or swirl lettering. “They teach their names, letters and colors and they are functional and not to mention super cute,” one Etsy shopper wrote in a five-star review.

$5 at Etsy

One box, so many possibilities. Young and old will get a thrill transforming this geometric wonder into 70 different shapes. One Amazon reviewer noted that this “fantastic fidget toy” was a “great toy for in the car” or “waiting in a doctor's office.”

$25 at Amazon

In case you're wondering: Kinetic sand is covered with silicone, which allows it to be molded into all kinds of shapes ... and keeps it from spilling all over your house! Your kids will uncover a wild fish, shark or friendly-faced critter in the container, then mold the sand into different formations for the animals to play on.

$5 at Walmart

All sparkles, no shivers: When the temperatures drop, she can keep warm with this bejeweled black beanie. 

$24 at Gap

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