The Best Social Media Reactions to the Georgia Senate Runoff Results

Justin Kirkland
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Photo credit: JIM WATSON - Getty Images
Photo credit: JIM WATSON - Getty Images

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Coming off an absolute nightmare of an election year, Georgia headed into a special runoff on Tuesday that would decide whether Democrats would take the majority in the Senate. Millions of Georgians cast their votes and while it seemed likely that incumbent Republican senators David Perdue and Kelly "Does This Puffy Vest Make Me Relatable?" Loeffler would keep their positions, Georgia flipped the agenda, electing Democratic nominees Reverend Raphael Warnock and—from what it looks like right now—Jon Ossoff to the Senate instead. Naturally, social media had some big feelings about it.

With major "how will this end?" vibes lingering from the drawn-out election this past November, a lot of users—from Georgia and elsewhere—held on throughout the night to see how the election would turn out, dunking on the incumbent senators and commemorating the increasingly likely chance that Georgia would elect its first-ever Black senator. And if the impending doom scrolling was too much for your heart to handle, there was the pure-hearted resurfacing of Ossoff's tweets throughout the night. Turns out that, respectfully, the likely Georgia senator is a major nerd who is a self-described "n00b 4 lyfe."

While neither Perdue nor Loeffler have conceded (which, that feels about par for the fancy, expensive course), social media has made the call for itself. From comments on Loeffler's transparently forced use of y'all to some obligatory Perdue chicken jokes, here are the best tweets from Georgia's special election. Long live the n00bs.

And now, in case you were curious: here are some of the vintage greatest hits from Super Nerd, Jon Ossoff's Twitter account.

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