The Best SMG In Warzone Right Now (And How To Make The Most Of It)

Screenshot: Activision / Kotaku
Screenshot: Activision / Kotaku

Despite the massive size of its map, Warzone rewards fast-paced, frantic gameplay through close-quarters combat. You’re rewarded for playing aggressively, pushing the enemy, and not letting them catch a breath. To accomplish this feat, submachine guns reign supreme. They’re the ultimate close-quarters battle weapon, with a fast rate of fire, large magazine size, and high DPS. But you can’t carry every submachine gun with you, so choosing the right one could mean the difference between taking home the win or falling by the wayside in Low Town.

The Best SMG in Warzone Today

The meta in Warzone changes frequently, but one SMG retains its top spot each season. That’s the Superi 46. It’s lightweight, easy to wield, and boasts a high rate of fire and low time to kill, making it ideal for the tight confines of Urzikstan or Rebirth Island.

Here are some key Superi 46 stats you might want to keep in mind for your next round:

  • Time to Kill: 616 ms

  • ADS Speed: 204 ms

  • Mobility: 5.0/s

  • Max Range: 14.0m

Screenshot: Activision / Kotaku
Screenshot: Activision / Kotaku

Which perks and attachments to use for Warzone’s Superi 46

If at all possible, while using the Superi 46, run the following perks:

  • Fast Hands: Reload, use equipment, and swap weapons faster.

  • High Alert: Directional vision pulses when an enemy outside your view aims at you.

  • Double Time: Doubles your Tactical Sprint duration and increases crouch movement speed by 30%.

These perks emphasize the fast-paced gameplay necessary to excel with the Superi 46. Like any other submachine gun, even those outside the meta, the key to winning a fight with one is to fire fast and fire first. If you can surprise your opponent, they won’t have a chance to react appropriately, leaving you the opportunity to unload an entire magazine in their rears.

Lastly, you won’t always have the option of your preferred weapon attachments, but if you can score a loadout drop and you have a Superi 46 in your kit, here’s what you should run:

  • Barrel: Zulu OP3 Light Barrel

  • Underbarrel: XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop

  • Muzzle: Zehmn35 Compensated Flash Hider

  • Rear Grip: Phantom Grip

  • Stock: Rescue-9 Stock

  • Magazine: 40 Round Mag

Whether you’re running the Superi 46 as a primary or secondary weapon, it excels in close-range encounters. It’s typically best to carry a long-range accompaniment, such as an assault or bolt-action sniper rifle, to hit targets from afar before moving in to finish the job.

Honorable Mentions in the SMG Category

Screenshot: Activision / Kotaku
Screenshot: Activision / Kotaku

The SMGs in Warzone are highly effective, so most prove useful. But if you can’t get your hands on the Superi 46, then a few honorable mentions include:

  • MCW

  • Lachmann Shroud

  • WSP Swarm

The MCW is one of the most versatile and new-player-friendly weapons in the game, making it an ideal choice for not only the submachine gun category but all weapon types in Warzone.

The Lachmann Shroud comes equipped with a built-in suppressor, making it the go-to for crouch-and-stealth gameplay, while retaining a high fire rate and relatively low time to kill.

Lastly, we have the WSP Swarm. It’s not the top choice for competitive or diehard Warzone players, but the Swarm feels underrated. It’s swift, boasts a large magazine, and has one of the fastest rates of fire in the battle royale. You can make quick work of a small squad, should you land your shots.

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