The Best Serial Killer Movies On Netflix You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

What’s your favourite genre of movies? Romance? Comedy? Action? Thriller? Serial killer and true crime? How many of you raised your hands on the last one? If you did, you are at the right place. Stay tuned to find out the best serial killer movies streaming on Netflix in 2023.

For the longest time, India did not consume a lot of true crime or serial killer movies and series. We had a few gems here and there, yes, but it took us a while to truly evolve into fans of the serial killer genre. From murderers committing cold-blooded murders to discovering patterns to their crimes, there’s something extremely intriguing about serial killer movies.

Thanks to the boom in OTT, especially during the pandemic, watching new and interesting movies at the comfort of home is possible now. The best of cinema from India and around the world is right here on your laptop or mobile screens. If you want to watch some of the best real serial killer movies, Netflix is a great platform.

Whether you are more interested in the mind of the serial killer, the discipline of their acts, the mechanism in which the killer’s mind works, the police investigation which goes in catching the criminal, the cat-and-mouse chase between the authorities and the culprit, or even a documentary, we have compiled a list that will cater to all kinds of fans of the genre. Here are some of the best serial killer movies to watch on Netflix in 2023.


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Best serial killer movies to watch on Netflix in 2023

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The Pale Blue Eye (2022)

Directed by: Scott Cooper

Cast: Christian Bale, Harry Melling, Lucy Boynton, Gillian Anderson

Synopsis: In this movie, a veteran detective takes on the job of investigating a series of gruesome murders. He takes the help of a young cadet who eventually goes on to become the world-famous author Edgar Allan Poe.

More about the film: This is not based on a true story. It’s an adaptation of Louis Bayard’s novel of the same name, but Bayard did take inspiration from Poe’s life for the tale.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch The Pale Blue Eye here

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The Good Nurse (2022)

Directed by: Tobias Lindholm

Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Jessica Chastain, Kim Dickens, Noah Emmerich

Synopsis: A nurse is shocked when one of her colleagues, Charlie Cullen, is found responsible for the murder of dozens of patients over a period of 16 years, across two states and nine hospitals, without being charged.

More about the film: This is the true story of an American serial killer Charles Cullen during his 16-year nursing career working in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania medical systems before being arrested in 2003.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch The Good Nurse here

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There’s Someone Inside Your House (2021)

Directed by: Patrick Brice

Cast: Sydney Park, Theodore Pellerin, Dale Whibley, Jesse LaTourette

Synopsis: After moving to live with her grandmother in Hawaii, a teenager has to confront her past when fellow students at Osborne High are murdered by a masked assailant.

More about the film: The film is based on a horror novel by American author Stephanie Perkins.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch There’s Someone Inside Your House here

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Irul (2021)

Directed by: Naseef Yusuf Izuddin

Cast: Darshana Rajendran, Fahadh Faasil, Soubin Shahir

Synopsis: We see Alex and Archana go on a trip when their car breaks down and they seek shelter at a nearby house. However, things soon take a turn when the owner of the house behaves in a suspicious manner.

More about the film: The film features only three characters, the couple and the owner.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch Irul here

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Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes (2021)

Directed by: Michael Harte

Cast: Dennis Nilsen, Ivan Lawrence, Douglas Bence and others

Synopsis: In this documentary, notorious serial killer Dennis Nilsen narrates his life and horrific crimes via a series of chilling audiotapes recorded from his jail cell.

More about the film: Director Michael Harte was granted access to over 250 hours of audiotapes, recorded by the Scottish serial killer from his prison, alongside 7000 pages of written material.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes here

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Murder by the Coast (2021)

Directed by: Tània Balló Colell

Cast: Dolores Vázquez

Synopsis: In 1999, a teen named Rocío Wanninkhof was murdered. While her mother’s ex-partner, Dolores Vázquez, is suspected, the real question lies if she do it? A second victim reveals the truth.

More about the film: This documentary is based on the controversial false conviction that came from it.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch Murder by the Coast here

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American Murder: The Family Next Door (2020)

Directed by: Jenny Popplewell

Cast: Celeste Watts, Shanann Watts, Frank Rzucek, Nickole Atkinson and more

Synopsis: This is a true crime documentary based on the story of the 2018 Watts family murders, which took place in Frederick, Colorado. The documentary uses archival footage including social media posts, law enforcement recordings, text messages, home video footage and also public theories as to why the murders were committed.

More about the film: The film doesn’t reveal until much later who committed the murders, bringing in a suspense element.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch American Murder: The Family Next Door here

8 /15

Lost Girls (2020)

Directed by: Liz Garbus

Cast: Amy Ryan, Thomasin McKenzie, Gabriel Byrne, Lola Kirke and others

Synopsis: Determined to find her missing daughter, a desperate woman starts a personal investigation that leads police to the unsolved cases of murdered sex workers.

More about the film: Like in the movie, the real Shannan Gilbert was an escort who advertised through Craigslist and met with a client in the gated community of Oak Beach prior to her death. This was the base story for the movie as well.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch Lost Girls here

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Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City (2019)

Directed by: Daniel Calparsoro

Cast: Belén Rueda, Javier Rey, Aura Garrido, Manolo Solo, Sergio Dorado and others

Synopsis: A detective returns to Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain to investigate the murders which mimic those of a serial killer who’s about to be released from prison.

More about the film: The film was shot and set in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz. The film also features an old cathedral of Santa María which was founded in 1180.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City here

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In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)

Directed by: Jim Mickle

Cast: Boyd Holbrook, Cleopatra Coleman, Michael C. Hall, Bokeem Woodbine, Sarah Dugdale

Synopsis: Set in 1988, a police officer who is desperate to become a detective, begins tracking a serial killer who resurfaces every nine years. But when the killer’s crimes defy all scientific explanation, the officer’s obsession threatens to destroy everything.

More about the film: The film may be based on two independently created nonfiction works about crewed lunar research programs.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch In the Shadow of the Moon here

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The Forest of Love (2019)

Directed by: Sion Sono

Cast: Kyoko Hinami, Yuzuka Nakaya, Eri Kamataki, Natsuki Kawamura, Kippei Shiina

Synopsis: In this Japanese crime thriller, a small group of student filmmakers and a shy young girl with strict parents are simultaneously manipulated, seduced and abused by an older man.

More about the film: The film ia inspired by the murders, torture and extortion committed in Kyushu, Japan from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s by convicted serial killer Futoshi Matsunaga

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch The Forest of Love here

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Magamuni (2019)

Directed by: Santha Kumar

Cast: Mahima Nambiar, Indhuja Ravichandran, Arya, Rohini

Synopsis: Twins, Magadevan and Muniraj, are separated at birth when their mother leaves them. Many years later when the two cross paths under unfavourable circumstances, fate takes over.

More about the film: The film was majorly shot in Chennai, Kancheepuram and Erode.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch Magamuni here

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The Invisible Guardian (2017)

Directed by: Fernando González Molina

Cast: Marta Etura, Elvira Mínguez, Nene, Francesc Orella, Miquel Fernández

Synopsis: A police officer trained by the FBI returns to his hometown in Navarra to trace a serial killer. But he also has to confront his own past.

More about the film: This movie is part of a trilogy which includes The Invisible Guardian (2017), The Legacy Of The Bones (2019) and Offering To The Storm (2020).

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch The Invisible Guardian here

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Manson Family Vacation (2015)

Directed by: J. Davis

Cast: Jay Duplass, Linas Phillips, Leonora Pitts, Davie-Blue

Synopsis: Two bickering brothers, one of whom is a family man based in LA, returns to tour the Charlie Manson murder sites as his brother is obsessed with the murder site.

More about the film: Writer-director J Davis had revealed that the idea of the film had stemmed from a conversation between friends.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch Manson Family Vacation here

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Creep (2014)

Directed by: Patrick Brice

Cast: Mark Duplass, Patrick Brice, Katie Aselton

Synopsis: Aaron answers an online ad and drives to a stranger’s house to film him for the day. The man wants to make a movie about his unborn child, but his requests become more bizarre as the day goes along.

More about the film: This psychological horror film marks the directorial debut of Patrick Brice.

Image: Courtesy IMDb

Watch Creep here