Best pizza ovens for dining alfresco in style – from Ooni, VonHaus, Argos and more

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They're the perfect outdoor dining companion and are available in wood-fired, gas and multi-fuel designs. (Getty Images)
They're the perfect outdoor dining companion and are available in wood-fired, gas and multi-fuel designs. (Getty Images)

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If you're looking to expand your culinary repertoire, a pizza oven is a great place to start. The outdoor (and sometimes indoor) appliance makes whipping up doughy dishes a breeze and allows you to get creative with fresh ingredients to impress your dinner guests.  

Whether you're a meat-lover who is partial to a giant pepperoni feast or a vegetarian that makes a mean margherita, there are endless amounts of recipes to try your hand at. 

When shopping for a pizza oven, there's a multitude of choices, ranging from wood-fired, gas, and multi-fuel, in portable and super-luxe designs for beginners to serious pizza-makers across all budgets. 

When it comes to picking the right one, heat is the most important factor, as a pizza oven needs to be roughly 250C to cook the dough and you'll also want to be able to cook the base and toppings thoroughly too. If you're short on door space – remember you will need to get it through your home into the garden – don't forget to check the dimensions to make sure it'll fit. 

Another top tip is to opt for a metal pizza oven, as they heat up more quickly. To help narrow down your search, we've handpicked the best designs for your garden needs, and a few indoor models too, from major retailers including Argos, Lakeland, Amazon and more. 

12 of the best pizza ovens for 2021

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven | £249 from Ooni

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven
Ooni's Fyra 12 cooks pizzas in 60 seconds thanks to its innovative design

Ooni is a leading UK pizza oven brand that's more of an investment, but well worth the splurge. The minimal design ensures it won't look unsightly in your garden and it boasts a number of impressive features. It's a wood pellet-fired portable pizza oven, that can be ready to cook your dough in 15 minutes, taking just 60 seconds for a 12inch pizza thanks to an insulated body that retains heat well for faster results. 

VonHaus Tabletop Pizza Oven | £159.99 from VonHaus

VonHaus Tabletop Pizza Oven
The VonHaus tabletop pizza oven reaches temperatures of 350 degrees in a quarter of an hour

At the more affordable end of the pizza oven market is this VonHaus design that will bring the pizzeria straight into your garden. Run on pellets, you can create your own custom 13inch pizzas that boast an authentic stone-baked flavour as well as smoking fish, meat or vegetables. In 15 minutes it reaches temperatures of up to 350 degrees and even comes with an ash collector to save you tidying up. The chimney is removable and the legs are foldable too.

Sage The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo SPZ820BSS | £699.99 from Lakeland

Sage The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo SPZ820BSS
Sage's Smart Oven Pizzaiolo has a frozen setting, so you can heat up those shop-bought dinners too!

Another brilliant option for the time conscious is this countertop pizza oven from Sage. Neat and compact, it can whip up a doughy feast in as little as two minutes, whether it's homemade or shop-bought. It can heat up to 400 degrees and has seven settings, from frozen to wood-fired so you can enjoy a freshly made pizza without being reliant on the weather holding up to enjoy the cooking process.

Haven Pizza Oven with Pizza Paddle and Raincover | £129.93 (was £249.99) from Robert Dyas

Haven Pizza Oven with Pizza Paddle and Raincover
Haven's oven comes with a pizza paddle and raincover

A bargain to bag in Robert Dyas' clearance section is this nifty pizza oven that comes with all the trimmings, including a handy pizza paddle and rain cover for when the heavens open. Heating up to 500 degrees in as little as 10 minutes, this wood-fired design delivers hearty 11inch pizzas. It has a built-in thermometer for keeping an eye on your alfresco cooking and the iron base will ensure it retains heat for hours.

Aarani Pizza Oven | £145.99 (was £192.99) from Wayfair

Aarani Pizza Oven
Don't have room for a huge pizza oven? This Aarani model could be the one for you

If you're short on space, try this pizza oven that can be used on gas or charcoal BBQs. With a stainless steel hood and an enamelled base, it'll retain and redistribute heat evenly, to help cook your dough all the way through. There's no need for assembly either and it comes with an oven cover included for when it's not in use. 

G3 Ferrari G10006 Delizia Pizza Oven | £132.99 (was £144.99) from Amazon

G3 Ferrari G10006 Delizia Pizza Oven
G3 Ferrari's offering is budget-friendly and doesn't take up too much space

For a smaller pizza oven than can be used inside, this budget-friendly option from Amazon allows for speedy, smoke-free cooking. Reaching 390 degrees, it offers three cooking settings, an indicator light so you'll know when it's done and a timer so you won't need to keep too close an eye on it. Also, it takes just three minutes to heat up a frozen pizza. Creating pizzeria-style meals has never been so easy. 

DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven | £1295 from Selfridges

DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
DeliVita's wood-fired oven cooks pizzas with bases up to 12 inches in diameter

The polished fibreglass shell of Delivita's pizza ovens is its USP, with a smart design that will be pride of place for your alfresco meals. Thanks to its cool bottom, you can use it on any stable surface, with it ready to cook in just 25 minutes. The pizza possibilities are endless, and as it can make up to 12inch dough bases, your stomach will certainly be left satisfied. 

Unionline Outdoor Wood Fire Pizza Oven | £229.99 from Amazon

Unionline Outdoor Wood Fire Pizza Oven
The Unionline Outdoor Wood Fire Pizza Oven comes with fun accessories

Feast on stone-baked pizzas that will transport you to Naples with this wood fire pizza oven that will impress your friends and family. It's a great one for beginners too, as it has a built-in thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature at all times to avoid burning and a powder-coated surface that's corrosion-resistant and offers plenty of insulation. It comes with all the fun extras too such as a paddle and a waterproof stone. It's even got wheels so you can transport it around your garden easily. 

Roccbox | £399 from Gozney

Roccbox pizza oven
The Roccbox pizza oven is compatible as both a gas and wood burner

Earning points for its eye-catching design, this portable pizza oven will be the talk of your neighbours. Heating up to 500 degrees, it can cook 11inch pizzas, creating a crispy base in just two minutes and is made with retractable legs and a detachable external gas or wood burner so you can use whichever you're most confident cooking with. 

Vango Camp Chef Pizza Oven | £126 from John Lewis

Vango Camp Chef Pizza Oven
The Vango Camp Chef pizza oven can heat up in as little as 10 minutes

If you love camping or have a trip with the family coming up, make sure you're well equipped for mealtimes with this portable pizza oven. Whether it's in your back garden or in the middle of the countryside, you can enjoy fresh and flavourful pizzas in minutes. The ceramic pizza stone can be heated up by sitting on top of the gas burners, taking as little as 10 minutes to be ready to cook with and serve up 10inch pizzas that will have you going back for seconds. 

Argos Home Pizza Oven BBQ Topper With Paddle | £50 from Argos

Argos Home Pizza Oven BBQ Topper With Paddle
Argos Home's pizza oven won't bust your bank balance – and comes with a paddle

This countertop pizza oven from Argos is an absolute steal for less than £75, with a five-star review from satisfied customers. "Great value for money. So easy to use! Great for our alfresco dining," said one reviewer. Designed to be used over a charcoal or gas BBQ, it's made from steel with a pizza stone that heats up in minutes to cook up a pizza feast for all your visitors. 

La Hacienda Steel Multi-Function Pizza Oven | £170 from Argos

La Hacienda Steel Multi-Function Pizza Oven
La Hacienda's oven is versatile – you can enjoy more than just pizzas with it

This versatile pizza oven has a 4.5-star rating from happy customers, who have praised it for its easy assembly, fast-heating and good value for money. The stylish design will make a practical centrepiece for your garden and it comes with a log grate and cooking grill included. It's not just limited to pizzas either, it can also be used to smoke fish, meats and BBQ treats.

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