The Best Netflix Original Movies of 2021 Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes (Photos)

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Netflix has substantially increased the number of original films it releases each year, and 2021 was packed with a variety of features. The movies varied from star-studded blockbusters like the Dwayne Johnson/Gal Gadot/Ryan Reynolds heist film “Red Notice” to holiday-themed romantic comedies like “A Castle for Christmas” to, of course, awards season fare like the acclaimed “The Power of the Dog”, “The Harder They Fall” and the Lin-Manuel Miranda-directed musical “tick… tick… BOOM!”

Given the breadth of content Netflix released in 2021, many may be wondering: what was the cream of the crop? Below, we’ve assembled a list of the best Netflix original films of 2021 ranked by Rotten Tomatoes score. While some of the streaming service’s more star-filled fare like “Red Notice” and “Don’t Look Up” proved divisive for critics, there’s no lack of great films on the below list – which varies from international dramas to animated sci-fi adventures.

Where ties occurred, we ranked the films according to which had more reviews – an 88% with over 200 reviews is more heavily vetted than an 88% with just eight reviews, for example. The list is also made up only of narrative feature films, so this does not reflect the bevy of great documentaries that were released on Netflix this year.

Check out the list of the 15 top Netflix movies of 2021 below.

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