The best mice for 2020

Jon Martindale

A quality computer mouse can prevent fatigue at work, improve your performance when gaming, and make your computer more comfortable to use. Modern computer mice come with features that improve your speed when gaming or enhance your comfort when you work. There are some interesting innovations on the computer mouse market, including customizable buttons, built-in LEDs, and adjustable dpi.

Our top picks for the best computer mice stand out in terms of comfort, performance, and quality. The five products we selected include gaming mice, affordable options, and devices you can use at work.

Best mouse at a glance

Best mouse overall: Razer Deathadder Elite

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

Why you should buy this: It’s a fantastic all-rounder at an affordable price.

$40 from Best Buy

Who’s it for: Anyone but the left-handed (see the end of this entry).

Why we chose the Razer Deathadder Elite: 

Razer has been at the top of our list for best gaming mice manufacturers for years, but there’s no reason that they need to be hoarded by that niche group.

$40 from Best Buy

is a mouse that has a fantastic feature set whether you’re fragging enemies or working on a spreadsheet. It’s comfortable, accurate, long-lasting, and has an understated style that means that you can probably get it approved as an office upgrade.

The Deathadder Elite has a sensitivity that reaches 16,000 DPI, but the more important element is that it’s entirely adjustable, which means no matter what style of mouse control you prefer, you can bend the Elite to your will. It also has mechanical mouse switches which are extremely durable, meaning you won’t need to replace this mouse for years. It even has full support for Razer’s Chroma lighting system. You may not care about RGB, but Razer’s software gives you full control over it, meaning you can adjust or turn it off at will.

The side and main buttons on this mouse are also programmable, so you can add macros or custom commands as you wish. It’s even compatible with the Xbox One if you’re looking to add that input option to your favorite console.

The Deathadder Elite may not be our favorite gaming mouse or our top choice of office rodent, but it ticks so many boxes at a price that isn’t astronomical, that we’re confident in calling it the best mouse in the world.

Note: If you’re left-handed the Razer Deathadder Elite isn’t the mouse for you. But Razer does have a left-handed version of the original Deathadder. It doesn’t have the high-sensitivity of the Elite, but it enjoys the same great ergonomics and software support.

Best wireless mouse: Logitech MX Master 3

Why you should buy this: It’s accurate, comfortable allows for customization, and lasts for months on a single charge.

$40 from Best Buy

Who’s it for: Right-handed folks who want a comfortable, wireless mouse without gaming bells and whistles.

Why we chose the Logitech MX Master 3: 

The Logitech MX Master has long been our favorite wireless mouse since it was launched, but the newer MX Master 3 is even better. It can last for up to 70 days on a single charge and is ergonomically sound enough to provide solid wrist support and comfort during use. It even supports sensitivities up to 4,000 DPI — more than enough for the average PC user.

One of its greatest strengths is the ability to pair with up to three separate systems at once, so if you find yourself switching from desktop to laptop regularly, this mouse is perfect.

It’s not the most exciting mouse to look at, but its fancy scroll wheel can scroll up to 1,000 lines in just a second. That can be useful for navigating Excel, and webpages. Logitech also redesigned the thumb area and made the back and forward buttons bigger. There’s even nifty customization via the Logitech Options software, which lets you create custom profiles and tweak the buttons on the mouse to control software as you need.

Best gaming mouse: Steelseries Rival 710

Why you should buy this: It looks and plays the part with every modern gaming feature you could ask for.

$40 from Best Buy

Who’s it for: Gamers who put style and substance on the same pedestal.

Why we chose the Steelseries Rival 710: 

With DPI support of up to 16,000 and a display on its side, it could be argued that the Steelseries Rival 710 is complete overkill. But it’s not. It’s the gaming mouse that does almost everything. The TrueMove3 sensor used in this mouse is one of the best we’ve ever tested and although its sensitivity is more than most will need, it’s extremely accurate throughout the range and offers minutely adjustable DPI steps that can be switched to on the fly.

Although the side display might look a little silly, it forms a key component of Steelseries’ feedback system. Along with in-mouse motors that provide haptic feedback, the display can give you notifications on when your ultimate is ready to fire, or when you’re low on health. Or just use it to display GIFs to show off to friends and onlookers.

The mechanical switches are durable and will last up to 60 million clicks, meaning this mouse will be with you for years to come. They’re also fully programmable using Steelseries’ software suite, so you can have them and the onboard lighting do whatever you want them to.

In a bold move, Steelseries also made the Rival 710 modular, so you can swap out the sensor, the cable, or cover to not only tweak the mouse to your aesthetic and performance preferences but upgrade it in the future as new options are released.

Best of all, it’s not even ridiculously priced. Some competitors reach well above $100 but that’s a firm ceiling this mouse doesn’t break through. It’s smashed all the others, but the Rival 710 remains a fantastic gaming mouse without an astronomical cost.

Best budget mouse: Logitech G203 Prodigy

Why you should buy this: It’s compact, very affordable and doesn’t sacrifice some of Logitech’s top mouse features.

$40 from Best Buy

Who’s it for: Anyone on a tight budget.

Why we chose the Logitech G203 Prodigy: 

There are many mice at low prices, but few even approach the quality of the Logitech G203. Frequently priced well under $40 if you shop around, it offers many of the features you would expect to find on a high-end gaming mouse and doesn’t sacrifice much to make it super affordable. It still enjoys sensitivity options all the way up to 8,000 DPI, full RGB lighting for the Logitech G logo, and PTFE (non-branded Teflon) feet for smooth motion and durability.

Despite its economical price point, the G203 also has a polling rate of up to 1,000Hz for fast response to your movements and has an onboard 32-bit ARM processor for handling the onboard profile which is fully customizable using Logitech’s backend software. There are six programmable buttons in total, including the textured scroll wheel, DPI switch that lets you jump between two pre-programmed settings on the fly.

It lacks the super high-end features of our favorite gaming and all-round mice, the G203 punches well above its weight and is priced very competitively.

Best mouse for business: Microsoft Intellimouse

Why you should buy this: It’s sleek, understated, and performs far better than a mouse with this aesthetic typically should.

$40 from Best Buy

Who’s it for: Office workers or anyone who prefers a more professional looking mouse.

Why we chose the Microsoft Intellimouse: 

Microsoft’s Intellimouse is a brand of rodent that has been around since the mid-1990s where it helped popularize the new phenomenon of a scroll wheel! Today the Intellimouse is more classic than it is revolutionary, but with such a strong pedigree behind it, this version of Microsoft’s popular mouse is worth considering over even the latest of competition.


$40 from Best Buy

 has an understated design with grey and black accenting, a DPI range that reaches 3,200 (more than enough for most PC users) and the same ergonomic shape of its predecessors. It has been upgraded with a new sensor to improve tracking accuracy, and a new white tail light helps modernize its look whilst also making it easier to pick out in a dark environment.

Like its contemporaries it supports a polling rate of 1,000Hz for improved responsiveness and three customizable buttons, so you can add macros, or custom commands to make your office tasks that bit easier. It’s not a bad price either.