Here Are the Best Memes About This Never-Ending Election

Hilary Weaver
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Photo credit: John Handem Piette - Twitter
Photo credit: John Handem Piette - Twitter


Election night was Tuesday, November 3, and we...still don't know the outcome. In the year of a global pandemic and a strong turnout of mail-in voting, we knew this long, painful process was a big possibility. We hoped for a quick and easy election night, and some of us ignored the experts who said we would get no such thing.

This experience is similar to a COVID-19 test: the doctor tells you it's going to be uncomfortable, and you think 'Nah, I'll be fine. What's seven seconds with a stick up my nose?'" The next minute you've pulled your car to the side of the road because your eyes are watering so hard it looks like you've just watched The Notebook for the first time. It's 2020, OK? COVID-test analogies are all I've got.

So, here we are. It's Saturday morning, and we are still staring at Steve Kornacki as he hugs a map of the U.S. and carefully does the math for a new batch of Pennsylvania votes.

If it weren't for social media, we would have nowhere to put our anxiety and general angst right now. On election night, I did three loads of laundry at 1 A.M. If I didn't have countless memes and TikToks, I'd still be in that laundry room, mindlessly washing sweaters until they faded into nothing.

Here are some of the best 2020 election-week (month, year, century?) memes that are getting us through right now.

Nevada is the star of the internet this week

Georgia and Pennsylvania making that flip like:

Giving credit where credit is due to Stacey Abrams:

This beautiful video

This post will be updated, as will the election results...eventually. Stay tuned!

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