Get the best images from Super Nintendo with Voultar's RGB Mod Kit

In this video, we walk you through how to restore RGB-output of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Jr. The Super NES is my favorite system of all time, it just had so many great titles and really moved gaming forward in a monumental way. Nintendo released an updated version of the SNES and Super Famicom that simplified the system overall, and for those in the US, eliminated the blocky looks of the original. It’s a sharp looking system, and in recent years it has been discovered it also provides a sharper image than the original systems. One downside of these designs is that the RGB video output was removed from them, leaving you with either RF (puke) or composite (gag). Thankfully, there is a way to restore RGB output to the system thanks to Voultar, the same designer of the N64 RGB mod kit, and one of the finest specimens of male models you'll ever find. Tools Needed: 4.5mm Game Bit #1 Phillips Screw Driver Soldering Iron Solder No-Clean Solder Flux Flux Paste Wire Strippers Side/Flush Cutters Pliers/Tweezers The setup of the RGB board is really simple. The board lays over a set of pins that attach directly to the Video Output port on the back of the system. There are four connections you’ll need to make if you want to use a SCART Cable, one each for the R, G and B video feeds and another connection for C-Sync. If you are just using HD Retrovision Composite video cables, however, you can just get by with using the RGB connections and forego the C-Sync. Voultar’s board also supports S-Video out, however I do not connect this as I prefer to use RGB instead. It took me about 20-minutes to disassemble, install, and reassemble everything inside my system. What I love about Voultar's mod chip is the fact that it is easy to install and the results are instantly noticeable. He has made several revisions to the Super NES mod chips since I first installed one, making it more compact, more user-friendly, and honestly, I think the results look better now too. See, the original Super NES and Super Famicom both were capable of outputting RGB right from the box, however, Nintendo removed the RGB output from the systems to reduce cost. Thankfully, Voultar's RGB Board makes restoring RGB output for either RGB SCART or HD Retrovision Component Video Cables a snap. In addition to adding the RGB Mod kit to the system, I also installed Voultar's 1CHIP Ghosting Fix Capacitor Fix. This simply addresses the video issue some systems that experience a ghosting with some video output. This is an easy and inexpensive upgrade that, if you're under the hood to mod your system anyways, you should really do this at the same time. The video quality is amazing output from this mod is nothing short of amazing. I didn’t believe that the quality would be much different between the original SNES/SFC and the Jr but man, I have to say, you can see the difference! It is super sharp and noticeable with the naked eye. If you are looking for the best possible video quality from a Super Nintendo, definitely pick up the Jr. version and get this mod installed. Voultar has produced an amazing kit, and should be praised, not just for being a beautiful specimen, but for producing beautiful mod kits such as this.