The best heist game you've never played is coming to PS5

 Teardown screenshot shows a voxel truck zooming through streets.
Teardown screenshot shows a voxel truck zooming through streets.

Teardown, the indie heist game that set the internet ablaze ahead of its release with some seriously impressive destructible environments, is on the way to PS5 this year.

The news was announced as part of today's PlayStation Showcase, with a flashy new showcase that makes Teardown look maybe a bit more action-packed than it really is. This is a rock-solid heist puzzler though, and PC players know that its robust physics simulation can bring even the mightiest hardware to its knees, so it'll be fun to see what it'll do to the PS5.

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However, it's not just PlayStation that Teardown is breaking into. It turns out the heist game is also coming to Xbox Series X/S consoles, and appears from the wording of the tweet above that it'll available at the same time as it debuts on PS5. That's a relief for those on Xbox who've wanted to get their hands on Teardown for a while.

Teardown's sort of accrued a huge reputation as a truly outstanding game on PC over the last few years. Beginning its journey in early access by promoting its awe-inspiring destruction physics, Teardown then bulked itself out with new scenarios and areas throughout early access, building it into one hell of a final product.

Trust us, you'll want to keep an eye on Teardown throughout the rest of 2023 for a final release date announcement.

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