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The 35 best gifts for the dad who has it all

Personalized picks, cool tech finds and other unique ideas for your #1 guy.

These gift ideas are so good, your dad will be surprised he didn't think of them himself.
These gift ideas are so good, your dad will be surprised he didn't think of them himself. (Photo Illustration: Amanda Garrity/Yahoo News; photos: Amazon, Hoka, Etsy, LEGO)

The older you get, the harder it is to shop for your dad. Why? Because by now he’s been given (or, if we’re being honest here, given himself) just about all the gadgets and gizmos he could ever want or need. But even if that’s the case, you still challenge yourself with finding something unique and/or surprising — or so you hope.

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If you’re not sure where to start, you’re in luck because I’ve rounded up an extensive list of gifts for all kinds of dads, whether he’s always eyeing the latest tech releases, in need of some quality R&R or trying to up his grilling game. As Yahoo’s gifting editor, it’s literally my job to scour the Internet to find the perfect gifts for different recipients and occasions. That said, I’ve put my money where my mouth is and given quite a few of these gifts to various men in my life (including my very own dad!). In addition to some real-life recommendations, this list features Amazon bestsellers like a headlamp beanie along with some picks from dad-approved brands such as Stanley and Hoka.

Below, find ideas that range from useful to personalized and packed with sentiment. Some of these gifts will even inspire some quality family time (the Ooni pizza oven, for example) since the best present any son or daughter can give their dad is uninterrupted quality time.

Calling this gadget an alarm clock almost feels like an insult to its multi-hyphenate abilities. The Loftie clock is part sound machine, part sunrise clock, part meditation facilitator and, yes, part alarm clock. Instead, Loftie calls it a "sleep machine." That seems right.

$149 at Loftie

Reading in bed has been given the upgrade it deserves with this neck reading light, featuring three color and six brightness options. No more holding a light up to your book, and no more keeping your partner away with your bedside lamp. A flashlight could never!

$22 at Amazon

Are all dads grillmasters? It certainly seems like it. But not all grillmasters have a smoker. These refillable "pucks" allow you to inject that smoky flavor using any grill. Just fill with your favorite wood and they'll burn for about 30 to 40 minutes of smoky bliss.

$15 at Uncommon Goods

Watchgang is the gift that keeps on giving, for as long as you keep the subscription going. Choose from three subscription tiers (Original, Black or Platinum) and frequency (monthly or quarterly) and Dad will get a new watch shipped right to him with every box. It's a bit like Russian Roulette for timepieces — you're guaranteed to receive a watch that's at least worth the price of your box, but there's always a chance you'll get a Rolex instead.

37.50 and up at Watchgang

Why stop at a video doorbell when you can also get an outdoor security camera and a bonus mini camera to protect your home from all angles? This whole-house combo from Blink also includes the Sync Module 2, so Dad can control all of the above through a single app. 

$128 at Amazon

These Christmas stockings aren't for hanging by the chimney with care. No, they're for Dad's gnarly feet. Give your dad a three-pack of Christmas-themed socks from Happy Socks, featuring candy cane, polka dot and Christmas ornament patterns.

$45 at Happy Socks

What is it with dads and their fascination with headlamps? We may never know, but we do know that he’ll find a million excuses to wear this light-up beanie. When he’s taking out the trash or going on a late-night run, he’ll be able to adjust between three brightness levels to get just the right glow.

$8 at Amazon

Instead of craning his neck and straining his eyes to watch videos on his phone, he can pop it right onto this magnifier to increase the size of his screen. Screen sizes range from 12 to 18 inches — all of which are much bigger than whatever he’s currently working with.

$20 at Amazon

Electric foot massagers are usually bulky and hard to store, but this one’s the exception. This foldable mat, which can be reshaped to fit other areas of the body, stimulates acupressure points to ease aches and pains. “Foot massager has been great for under my desk at work. Multiple times throughout the day I have been using this massager and it seems to be helpful with my arch pain,” one relaxed reviewer said, adding that it provides “instant relief.”

$33 at Amazon

Because he’s still a kid at heart. Take him back to his golden days (the ‘80s, no?) with this Pac-Man arcade, which has impressive details like a four-way joystick and light-up coin slot. The building kit comes with 2,651 pieces, but don’t worry because one successful builder raved that it’s “such a joy to build.”

$270 at Lego

Your very own John Dutton can eat like one too. Chef Gabriel 'Gator' Guilbeau cooks all the food for the Yellowstone cast and crew, and now he’s put 55 of his best recipes — like Beth’s Cheesy Hamburger Mac Casserole (yep, that Beth) — in a book for the show’s biggest fans.

$21 at Amazon

Dad means business — especially when it comes to drinking beer. This 24-ounce stein claims to keep drinks cold for up to five hours and chilled (just the way he likes it) for at least 20 hours.

$25 at Amazon

Speaking of beer, has your dad ever thought of making his own? Maybe not, but that’s probably because he didn’t even know where to start. Luckily, this kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop comes with easy-to-follow instructions and supplies to make a gallon (or roughly 10 bottles) of their everyday IPA.

$36 at Amazon

If he has some international travels on the horizon, then make sure he has a wallet that can fit his passport along with cards, coins and varying sizes of paper currency. Get his initials debossed in gold foil for an extra $12.50.

$69 at Mark & Graham

He’s had his sweatpants longer than you’ve been alive — and that’s saying something. Out with the old, in with the new: These joggers from Vuori are lightweight, moisture-wicking and just as comfortable — if not, more — than his go-to pair.

$98 at Vuori

By now, you’ve accepted that the golf course is your dad’s second home. Give him this personalized tag, complete with a punny saying like “Best dad by par,” to help him store his tees and distinguish his bag from everyone else’s.

$16 at Etsy

The truffle-ier, the better — at least that’s his philosophy. This bestselling trio — two hot sauces, one truffle oil — made Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2021 and has become a popular gift for all the hard-to-shop-for men. “My dad is the pickiest man on earth and impossible to shop for. He loved this,” one reviewer raved.

$75 at Amazon

He can’t travel without all of his electronics — and the chargers that keep ‘em powered up. He can pack everything in this water-resistant case and use the flip-out kickstand to prop up his phone or tablet when he’s on the go.

$45 at Halfday

He already has a smart TV, but now he can have a smart home. Use the Roku Smart Home app to switch between 16 million color options, adjust brightness levels, sync multiple bulbs and set custom presets. He can even set up vacation mode, which turns lights on and off to make it look like someone’s home.

$16 at Walmart

Take him on a flavor journey from West Texas all the way to the Carolinas with these BBQ rubs, which are perfect for grilled veggies, marinated meats and more. Some are sweet and tangy, some are straight-up spicy, but all four are sure to fire up his tastebuds.

$55 at Spiceology

He’ll rest easy knowing he has this MagSafe charger in his car. He can keep it permanently mounted on the car’s air vent, then secure his phone when he needs to give it a power boost (while keeping it in clear view for navigation purposes). “I live in a rural, mountainous area with rough roads. I can speed through a route notorious for its constant sharp curves and my phone has never fallen off,” one customer wrote about the charger’s magnetic capabilities.

$60 at Amazon

It’s all in the name: While Hoka designed these post-run slides for recovery days, they’ve become a favorite among runners and non-runners alike (including the American Podiatric Medical Association). “My podiatrist recommended Hoka sandals to wear around the house instead of slippers. My feet don't get sore when I wear them, they are easy to clean and easy to slip on and off,” one reviewer wrote, adding that they ended up buying their husband a pair too.

$60 at Zappos

He’ll no longer need a pepper mill and salt grinder. Instead, he’ll fill the FinaPod with peppercorns, salt or any dried spices of his choice, then pick it up with the FinaMill and grind with a press of a button. “I’ve had mine for almost a year and still haven’t changed batteries. I use it daily,” one customer wrote.

$45 at Amazon

Send a piece of history straight to his door. Sign him up for a six ($40) or twelve-month subscription ($76), then prepare to hear him gush about the detailed replicas of historical documents he receives, like Albert Einstein's letter to FDR, in the months to come.

$40 at Uncommon Goods

Once he completes the first task at hand (completing the 1,000-piece puzzle), he’s presented with a new challenge: watching all 50 movies that lay before him. Even if he’s seen some of the classics on this list, it’ll give him a chance to revisit favorites and discover new ones, everything from The Godfather to Cinema Paradiso.

$22 at Amazon$22 at Walmart

Dad the forgetful type? Slip an AirTag into the custom pocket in this leather wallet to help him track it down when he inevitably misplaces it. He won’t compromise space for peace of mind because this wallet still holds up to a dozen cards and has a strap to secure bills.

$82 at Ekster

Perhaps the best gift you can give your dad is unlimited access to all your shared memories. Pack up old home movies or photos into a box (with his permission, of course), and then Legacybox will digitize them and store them on the cloud, thumb drive or DVD set for his viewing pleasure.

$30 at Legacybox

Sure, ice buckets get the job done, but not quite like this electric number. “This chiller kept the champagne chilled to the exact temp we programmed it to, and even when shut off, it turned back on at that same temp it was previously at,” one oenophile wrote. Program the temperature based on the type of wine — reds between 59-64°F and whites down to 41°F — and it’ll stay that way for at least 24 hours.t

$105 at Amazon

With this plush bathrobe, he’ll get a hotel-worthy experience in the comfort of his home. Inspired by the brand’s bestselling towels, Brooklinen shoppers rave that this Turkish cotton robe is “super soft and absorbent.”

$79 at Brooklinen

Contrary to popular belief, you doesn’t have to be a master chef to smoke meats, cheeses, veggies and desserts. With this portable smoking gun and dome combo, Dad can bring a subtle smoky flavor to any dish or drink. “Well worth the money as it creates a thick smoke that really lingers on a drink. Easy to assemble and even easier to use,” one Amazon shopper wrote, adding that it makes an “awesome” smoked old-fashioned.

$80 at Amazon

Your dad just finished one hike, but is already eyeing the next. Sound familiar? Then pick up this set of four handblown whiskey glasses that feature a raised topographic impression of the country's most-climbed mountains like Denali, Mt. Rainier and other bucket-list peaks.

$60 at Huckberry

Take his love of bird-watching to a whole new level with this Wi-Fi-powered bird feeder. The built-in camera detects when is a bird approaching the feeder, and captures high-definition photos and videos along the way. And if he’s not sure exactly what he’s looking at, he can use the feeder’s AI recognition capabilities to determine its species.

$110 at Amazon

This isn’t your average flannel. It’s made with insulating, moisture-wicking technology so he can stay warm and dry even when the temperatures take a nosedive.

$118 at Mark Weldon

A cheeseboard a day makes your dad very, very happy. That’s how the saying goes, right? Bring him one step closer to his dream with this monthly subscription, which features cheese selections from Switzerland, Spain and creameries closer to home. Subscriptions start as low as $63 a month, depending on whether you select the three, six or 12-month option.

$65 at Murray's Cheese

Cook a whole pizza in 60 seconds flat. This gas-powered oven takes about 15 minutes to heat up to an infernal 950°F, giving him just enough time to top his pie with sauce, cheese and the toppings of his choice.

$399 at Ooni

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