The Best Firefly Build In Honkai: Star Rail

Image: HoYoverse
Image: HoYoverse

Honkai: Star Rail is saying goodbye to the Penacony storyline in the Version 2.3 update. While there are new quests and the challenging Apocalyptic Shadow game mode to enjoy, the highlights are the latest playable characters. Jade has already captured a…certain audience type that is looking forward to her banner in July, but most of the community is excited to finally add Firefly to their roster. I’ll be breaking down everything you need to know to create an optimal build for this new DPS.

Firefly is a Fire Destruction character whose primary focus is breaking through opponents’ toughness. Her game plan revolves around using an HP-consuming skill to regenerate energy for her Complete Combustion Ultimate, which enhances her attacks, speed, Weakness Break efficiency, and Break Damage. She is somewhat self-sufficient since her enhanced attacks in this state are also capable of healing her. However, it’s still vital to build a proper supportive team and choose the right places to upgrade.

Screenshot: HoYoverse
Screenshot: HoYoverse

Best Firefly team composition

Firefly benefits immensely from a team that can provide buffs to Break Effects, Damage, and Speed. The Trailblazer (Harmony) is a great fit thanks to their Technique and Ultimate providing strong Break Effect buffs. Due to how accessible they are, with players now able to claim them for free even before starting the Penacony story, there’s little reason to not pair these new friends together.

If you want the absolute best teammate for Firefly, I wholeheartedly recommend Ruan Mei. Her Skill and Ultimate provide every buff that Firefly needs and plenty of opportunities to attack Weakness Broken enemies. You will need to have some luck and potentially a horde of Stellar Jade to pull her since Ruan Mei is another 5-star character. Conveniently, her banner is being re-run alongside Firefly’s though.

Another fantastic support option would be Asta. Her Talent will increase every ally’s ATK while her Ignite Bonus Ability increases ally Fire DMG by 18%. Lastly, Asta’s speed-buffing Ultimate can help Firefly receive more actions. This has been invaluable to me as it’s given me time to heal or use more of Firefly’s enhanced attacks.

When it comes to healers, Gallagher offers the best mix of healing and support. The Besotted state his Technique and Ultimate inflict results in more Break DMG for enemies and healing for allies. Along with Asta, both of them provide the foundation for a strong Fire-focused team.

Screenshot: HoYoverse
Screenshot: HoYoverse

The best Firefly Light Cones

The best Light Cones to pair with a 5-star character are usually the ones running alongside them in the Brilliant Fixation banner and that’s still the case here. Whereabouts Should Dreams Rest slots perfectly with Firefly’s play style as it increases her Break Effect and applies a unique debuff to weakness broken enemies, allowing her to deal more damage and reduce their speed.

Your next best option is thankfully pretty accessible. On the Fall of an Aeon will continuously increase her ATK stat as well as her DMG after inflicting Weakness Breaks. Given how often that Firefly can attack and her enhanced skill being able to apply Fire Weakness to enemies, you’ll see great synergy with this light cone. The only caveat is that this is a popular light cone for just about every Destruction character, so you might need to take it away from another character if you’ve been using it already.

The best Firefly Traces to upgrade

  • Module γ: Core Overload - This bonus ability increases the Break Effect by 0.8% for every 10 ATK points over 1,800. Given how important a high ATK is for any DPS and the benefits received from increasing break effect, Module γ: Core Overload is a worthwhile investment for your build.

  • Chrysalid Pyronexus - Upgrading Firefly’s talent provides some nice protection in the sense of DMG Reduction and Effect RES. Since her Skill sacrifices some HP, you’ll want to level up this trace to ensure her survival.

  • Order: Aerial Bombardment - Firefly’s Skill is a cornerstone of her kit, as in addition to dealing damage it consumes 40% of her Max HP to regenerate energy. While you can’t change how much HP is lost, you can improve how much energy is regenerated along with how much damage is dealt. Upgrade this enough and you’ll be able to consistently pop the Ultimate.

Screenshot: HoYoverse
Screenshot: HoYoverse

The best Firefly Relic sets

Traces and the right Team Comp will go a long way in shaping Firefly, but it’s her relic sets that will improve her stats the most. I’ll be listing the best options for her Cavern Relics and Planar Ornaments below, but I do want to emphasize that you only need to focus on the stats we’ve mentioned already. Increasing her ATK, Break Effect, and Speed stats are all that’s needed.

  • Sitting at the top of the list is the Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge relic set. This set increases Break Effect by 16% and can potentially ignore 25% of enemy DEF when inflicting Break DMG.

  • Next in line is the commonly found Thief of Shooting Meteor. Having four pieces of this set will increase Break Effect by a total of 32%.

  • Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern is the best Planar Ornament for Firefly without exception. Not only does it increase SPD by 6%, but it also increases Break Effect by an outstanding 40% whenever an enemy with Fire weakness is hit.

  • An alternative Planar Ornament is Talia: Kingdom of Banditry. It increases Break Effect by 16% and then an additional 20% if the SPD stat reaches 145.

Firefly is a versatile character with a lot of potential. Follow the above guidelines and you’re sure to build up a DPS that excels at melting every enemy’s toughness bar. Whether you’re a relatively new player who started Honkai: Star Rail recently around the one-year mark or someone who’s been playing from the beginning, you’ll benefit immensely from adding Firefly to your team.

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