The best films on subscription-free TV: Sunday, 29 March

Could 80s-obsessed former child star-turned supervillain Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker) be Gru and new spouse Lucy Wilde’s toughest adversary yet? (Credit: Universal)

Affable animated animals, Oscar winning drama, oceanic odysseys, alien invasions & imaginative escapism abound as TopFilmTip brings you the best free films on TV for Sunday 29th March

Affable preteen kids instigate onslaught of abrasive author’s abominations in slappy-scheming, werewolf chewing fun in creepy kids fun Goosebumps 11:30am Comedy Central UK

A veritable wet-market of wildlife flee headhunter as mismatched misfits join circus in pope-ring stealing interspecies lovemaking fun Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted 3:30pm BBC1

Escaping fog of existential ennui, ex-villain discovers ex-twin & endeavours to extract extraordinary gem from 80s ex-child star with help of ex-con compares Despicable Me 3 5:10pm ITV2

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Monument demolishing alien's invasion fails due to Will Smith's punchy pilot, a wry quippy shareware scientist & awful anti-virus firewalls in 1990s classic Independence Day 6:10pm E4

Independence Day (20th Century Fox)

FBI Door-kicker learns first hand the calculated brutality of drug cartels & deliberately disruptive CIA tactics: unflinchingly intense tale Sicario 9pm Film4

Suave sentinels seek superiors' soul, prize-fighter's pride prevents profit & odd date accidentally ends in O.D.: Quentin Tarantino's flawless masterwork of script & style Pulp Fiction 10pm Sony Movie Channel

Trailblazing ocean explorer's craving to conquer the seas turns to a desire to protect its creatures in expansive, breathtaking Jacques Cousteau biopic The Odyssey 10pm BBC 4

Matchstick counting savant is exploited by greedy brother before each learns fraternal love in their own way: Oscar-winning drama Rain Man 10:30pm BBC1

From alcoholic rock bottom, former youth boxing champ returns to ring to fight for self respect under tutelage of childhood trainers in emotionally intense drama Jawbone 10:45pm BBC2

Far-sighted fathers are tested in furnace of peer's fears as they walk war's knife-edge in post-apocalyptic game changing blockbuster Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes 11pm Channel 4

Fully formed, detailed characters of all ranks face fear & duty in intense, relentless & unnerving submariner German masterpiece Das Boot 11:05pm Movies 4 Men 1

Slit throats & cyanide as a talent for psychopathic behaviour forges a treacherous career path for a stone cold killer in true story The Iceman 11:20pm Film4

Across bleak & barren old west, compassionate spinster & wayward drifter convey mentally ill women to convalescence in hard hitting period piece The Homesman 00:10am BBC2

Kevin Bacon, Denise Richards, Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon in publicity portrait for the film 'Wild Things', 1998. (Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)

Crafty cop Kevin Bacon becomes embroiled in elaborate & twisted web of blackmail & murder in seductive threesome thriller Wild Things 1:05am 5Star

Lucid daydreamer self-actualises on long-boarding, shark dodging global quest for life's quintessence The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty 1:25am Channel 4

Facially mutilated skin-scientist's sanity slips as Liam Neeson orchestrates onslaught of gangster-helicopter exploding vengeance Darkman 1:25am Film4

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