All the Best Cyber Monday Deals on Tech and Electronics Right Now

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As you may have heard—as you perchance gathered from your neighborhood carrier pigeon or nearest grapevine—there is a rather large sales event happening right now. It is, by all accounts, the sales event of the year. Neither pandemic nor democracy-spurning administration nor, hell, year-long national bad mood could derail Black Friday and its younger, savvier successor, Cyber Monday. There are deals to be had and sales to be scooped, especially today, Cyber Monday.

After a long weekend of eating too much food, watching too many movies, and plastering on a smiling face for Zoom Thanksgiving with the nonlocal family (the horror), we suggest easing the transition back into work by scoping out the current Cyber Monday deals on tech and electronics, since this stuff tends to go fast. Real fast. In years prior (remember those?), so fast it caused brawls in Best Buy parking lots and Walmart doorbuster lines. This year, all you have to do is take on the entirety of the internet. Easy!

To give you a fighting chance, we've rounded up some sales that are happening on cool stuff that requires a charger or a set of batteries. You know: headphones, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, smart-everythings. You likely won't find them cheaper than during the armpit-sweat-inducing mania of Cyber Monday. The timing couldn't be better for holiday gift-giving. And nothing hits quite like the adrenaline rush of buying shit you technically don't need but very much want. Have at it.


If you want it, Amazon's got it. That's the way it goes with the world-dominating online retail monster. So, look for what you want among the latest batch of Cyber Monday deals. They extend from Apple smart tech to Echo home devices to Instant Pot cookers and beyond:


Did Black Friday really happen if your mom didn't ask you to line up in the Walmart parking lot at 4 a.m., ready to fight by her side? Who's to say. But, in lieu of that madness, Walmart stocked its site with a big ol' pile of electronics deals through today. The sales live right now on the site include:


Nordstrom? For tech? In this economy? Yeah, Nordstrom actually does curate a good collection of electronic stuff, particularly audio gear. Great gift idea, by the way. The retailer is still rolling out online deals. Those include:

All the Rest

Though you'll likely get the bulk of your shopping done at the retailers above, there are plenty of more niche offerings out there covering everything from cameras to exercise equipment to kitchen appliances. Take a look:

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