Best balcony moments of 2020

Best balcony moments of 2020

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Date: March 23 Location:

Hamburg, Germany

Date: March 26

Location: Rome, Italy

Date: March 13

Location: Paris, France

Date: April 8

'QUESTIONS FOR A BALCONY' HOST, NOAM CARTOZO, SAYING FROM HIS WINDOW (French): "Good evening everyone and welcome to 'Questions for a... Balcony'!

CARTOZO SAYING (French): "Now, for a Xiaomi backpack, how many seasons are there in the TV show 'Money Heist'?"


"NEIGHBOR LISTENING TO CARTOZO SAYING (French): "What color does the bank robber wear in 'Money Heist'?"


Date: March 25

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Date: April 17

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: April 18, 2020