Besides Rebranding, BROWNIESBAR Collaborates With Augustman Malaysia To Release A Special Brownie Kit

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After six years, BROWNIESBAR has unveiled a brand new look to signify new beginnings after a global pandemic. 

Malaysians love desserts. It doesn’t matter if it’s your traditional kuih or Western cakes—there’s a special place for these treats on the dining table. Weddings and birthdays, even coffee breaks and tea times, won’t end on a sweet note without them—which is probably why BROWNIESBAR has grown to become the top one brownies specialist in Malaysia that has claimed to serve the best and freshest brownies one can get. 

As the first brownies specialist store in the country, the brand has recently announced that it has gone through a major rebranding. Formerly known as BROWNIES BAR BY THE ACCIDENTAL BAKERS, the new brand will now be known simply as BROWNIESBAR. 

After six years, two retail stores and a global pandemic, our A-List alumni Hazwan Yazit and his co-founder, Ee-Lyn Tan felt that in line with endemicity, it was finally time to shed old looks and old practices to make way for exciting new products and logistic solutions to get their brownies beyond the Klang Valley. 

Although based in Kuala Lumpur, lessons learnt during the pandemic has encouraged them to expand their views and successfully couriered their sweet treats to the whole of Peninsular Malaysia as well as Sabah and Sarawak. With this new look and branding, BROWNIESBAR is now ready to deliver their artisanal brownies everyday on demand within the whole country.  

“The pandemic really grinded the business to a halt so we were forced to think of ways to enable our brownies to reach our customer’s friends and family who were scattered all over the country. We invested in developing our packaging in order to create ‘care packages’ that could be safely transported across the country while still maintaining its quality and freshness” said co-founder and A-List alumni, Hazwan Yazit. 

Besides the major rebranding effort, BROWNIESBAR has also released a DIY brownie kit in collaboration with Augustman Malaysia, and as you already know, we are all about supporting our local businesses. With that, customers can easily whip up their own brownies in the comfort of their homes—now you can munch on some scrumptious brownies while you enjoy reading one of our magazines, your tea time has just been upgraded! 

Get yours today but clicking here!

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