Umno ready to face Bersatu in court, shows evidence on member poaching claims

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Umno ready to face Bersatu in court, shows evidence on member poaching claims
Umno ready to face Bersatu in court, shows evidence on member poaching claims

Umno Youth says it is prepared to meet Bersatu in court after the latter threatened to sue over allegations of member poaching.

Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki (above) said Bersatu should have investigated the matter instead of threatening to sue.

"If the Bersatu information chief (Wan Saiful Wan Jan) wants to continue to sue us, Umno Youth welcomes it and will take the opportunity in court to reveal all the evidence before the judge," he said in a Facebook post.

Asyraf earlier claimed that Bersatu was buying Umno members to join the latter.

Wan Saiful Wan Jan
Wan Saiful Wan Jan

Wan Saiful denied the allegation and demanded an apology.

“His (Asyraf’s) move to say ‘everyone who joins Bersatu is paid up to RM100 and every new branch is given between RM3,000 to RM5,000’ is unacceptable. I strongly deny this wild and baseless accusation.

“I urge Asyraf to apologise and retract his allegation immediately.

“I will also discuss with the party about the suitability of taking legal action in this matter,” he said on Facebook.

Bersatu out to weaken Umno?

Asyraf had made the allegation earlier today on his own Facebook page.

He took offence after a recent article by BH Online cited Bersatu secretary-general Hamzah Zainudin saying the ruling party aims to have 8,000 branches in the next three months.

Hamzah reportedly said Bersatu had not been enticing Umno members but maintained that it was “up to them” to join since both parties were part of PN.

Asyraf questioned if Hamzah was defending what he claimed was an ongoing effort by Bersatu to “steal” Umno members.

“In recent months there have been many complaints and worries among Umno members and leaders nationwide who allege Bersatu is encouraging the stealing and buying of Umno members,” he said.

“Such a statement from a Bersatu top leader is as if he does not feel guilty but instead defends the entry of Umno members into Bersatu on the basis of ‘openness', using the excuse of us being under the PN umbrella. This will further worsen Umno-Bersatu relations.

“If this phenomenon of ‘stealing’ and ‘buying’ Umno members continues, it will verify all existing perceptions and allegations that Bersatu and PN were founded just to weaken and replace Umno,” Asyraf alleged.

He thus urged Bersatu to stop attempts to entice Umno members.