Bereaved Boy Has 'Day Made' as He Leads Police Patrol on Toy Bike

A bereaved boy had his day made on Sunday, January 15, when he led a police patrol on his toy bike, heartwarming video shows.

Harry Farrell from Durham lost his dad, Craig Farrell, last May when he was just four years old. For Christmas, Harry got a miniature police bike, but the best was yet to come.

Harry “had his day made”, Durham Police said, when officers paid him a surprise visit and he led them on a special patrol.

Video shows the young motorist taking four officers on a patrol of his street. “Meet future PC Harry!” police said.

“It was such a nice surprise for him, he was completely shocked when all the officers turned up," Harry’s mother, Emma, said. “Last week, Harry had told my mam that he was going to be a teacher when he is older, but now he says he is going to be a police officer," Emma said.

PC Skevington said: “After hearing what Harry had gone through last year, we just wanted to help bring a little bit of cheer and make him smile. He had a great time – and so did we. It’s lovely to be able to do something nice for someone who has been through such a tough time recently, especially so young.” Credit: Durham Roads & Armed Policing via Storyful

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