Benjamin Netanyahu’s Government Votes To Shut Down Al Jazeera In Israel

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his government has voted to shut down Al Jazeera’s offices, while the broadcaster condemned the move as “deceptive and slanderous.”

“The government headed by me unanimously decided: the incitement channel Al Jazeera will be closed in Israel,” Netanyahu wrote on X/Twitter.

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He said in a statement, “Al Jazeera correspondents have harmed the security of Israel and incited against IDF soldiers. The time has come to eject Hamas’s mouthpiece from our country.”

Al Jazeera said that the move also included withdrawal of crew accreditations. banning distributors from transmitting its broadcasts and blocking Al Jazeera’s websites.

“Al Jazeera Media Network strongly condemns and denounces this criminal act that violates human rights and the basic right to access of information. Al Jazeera affirms its right to continue to provide news and information to its global audiences,” the broadcaster said.

The Israeli prime minister’s office cited a law that allows for restricting a foreign media channel “that is acting against the state.” Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi signed the orders.

“We will take immediate action against those who use freedom of the press to harm the security of Israel and IDF soldiers, and incite to terrorism in time of war,” Karhi said. “There will be no freedom of expression for Hamas’s mouthpieces in Israel. Al Jazeera will be closed immediately and its equipment will be confiscated.”

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