Benjamin Bratt says a monkey chased Brooke Shields during “Mother of the Bride”: 'You’re so lucky you didn’t get rabies'

Benjamin Bratt says a monkey chased Brooke Shields during “Mother of the Bride”: 'You’re so lucky you didn’t get rabies'

To be fair, she probably shouldn’t have tried to feed it.

Brooke Shields just wants to monkey around.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly,  Benjamin Bratt reveals that his costar attempted to make some simian friends while shooting Mother of the Bride. "Brooke really thinks that she can do it all," Bratt says. "So one day we took a boat out to these remote islands. And there were monkeys on the shore. So Brooke had the idea to stuff some watermelon rinds in her bikini top, and suggested we swim over to the island from the boat to feed the monkeys. So we did that."

"It seemed like a nice thing to do," Shields interjects.

<p>Alberto Rodriguez/Variety via Getty</p> Benjamin Bratt and Brooke Shields

Alberto Rodriguez/Variety via Getty

Benjamin Bratt and Brooke Shields

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Bratt says that Shields immediately tried to endear herself to the primate population. "We climb up on shore, and she starts walking toward the monkeys and acting like she’s Doctor Dolittle, [saying] 'Come here, little monkey, come here!'" he explains. "I’m like, 'Brooke, you don’t want to get closer. That’s a wild monkey. It’s not a petting zoo, you wanna stop. He’s coming to you. Stop. Brooke, run!'"

"They were not acting monkeys," Shields remembers, laughing. "I’m throwing the rinds at him."

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"He literally broke and ran towards her, whacked her on the knee, like, you’re so lucky you didn’t get rabies," Brat continues. "This is what a day off with Brooke Shields is like."

Shields responds self-effacingly. "Well, that could just be chalked up to stupidity."

The Endless Love star also told EW about being invited to the wedding between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. "Of course, I was gonna say yes to that," Shields remembered thinking after Holmes extended the invitation. "I was like, 'Yes. I will — as long as I'm not the something old!'"

Mother of the Bride sees a mom (Shields) prep for a wedding for her daughter (Miranda Cosgrove), who’s marrying the song (Chad Michael Murray) of Bratt’s character — who happens to be Shields’ ex. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

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