Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix Just Released Punch Line, a Comedic Ice Cream Filled With Cherries

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Photo credit: Ben & Jerry’s
Photo credit: Ben & Jerry’s

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Ben & Jerry’s is keeping its relationship with Netflix going with a new laugh-out-loud-worthy flavor. Punch Line is the latest ice cream pint that combine two ice creams and a couple toppings mixed in, and it’s anything but a joke.

The new flavor starts with a duo of brown butter bourbon and almond ice creams, and they’re filled with roasted almonds and cherries. This scoop comes from Ben & Jerry’s partnership with Netflix’s comedy brand Netflix Is A Joke, so prepare to pop open the lid and dive in while you experience a whole bunch of chuckles from your favorite shows.

The limited-batch ice cream isn’t the only news here! Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix agree that we could all use extra laughs this year, so there’s a new Punch Line hotline that’s open to the public. Just call 1-866-PUNCHLINE, and comedians including Wanda Sykes, Fortune Feimster, and Aparna Nancherla will have you doubled over with laughter. You might even be one of the lucky fans who gets a free pint of Punch Line when you call.

Ben & Jerry’s Punch Line is rolling out across stores shelves right now. Instagram account @kosherfoodie_stalker let us know that they already spotted it in the freezer aisle at Walmart, so there’s no time to wait! Depending on location, the pint will cost you $4.99 to $5.49. Remember that it’s a limited-edition flavor, so this is your green light to get to the store ASAP.

Punch Line is the fourth flavor from the Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix collaboration this year. It follows Chip Happens, Netflix & Chill’d (which also comes in a non-dairy option), and Boots on the Moooo’n. However, Punch Line is the first specifically from Netflix Is A Joke. BRB, we have a date with a pint of ice cream … now.

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