Ben Amir is looking for a Deputy Prime Minister... to his heart?

23 Nov – Ben Amir's recent tweet gets his lady fans fanning themselves, after the actor joked that he is looking for his "Deputy Prime Minister".

On 20 November, as Malaysia awaits news regarding the 15th General Election, the "Sweet Dreams" actor took to Twitter and wrote, "I'm creating my own government. Looking for a [DPM]. Preferably a gym girl, knows how to cook, will laugh at my lame jokes, has motherly instincts, pushes me to be better and also a baddie *wink wink*"

Fans took to the comments to "nominate" themselves, including one, who decided to tweet back her response in the manner of a job-seeker, writing, "Dear Ben Amir, I'm currently looking for a job and the DPM position seems to fit well to me. I'm looking [forward] to work with you for the rest of my life. Your consideration is highly appreciated. Regards."

Another netizen nominated his male friend, saying that the person in question also goes to the gym and can cook, to which Ben responded, "That's a dude, you devil."

Meanwhile, one netizen wrote that she failed even the first requirement of being "a gym girl", and decided that she should just go back to bed.

Come on, how can you not want to be his deputy?
Come on, how can you not want to be his deputy?

(Photo Source: Ben Amir IG)