Make Your Beloved Furkid The Best Dressed In The Room With The New Gucci Pet Collection

Gucci has released a range of clothing and accessories for perhaps the dearest members of all families — the pets.

The Gucci pet collection by creative director Alessandro Michele is uniquely designed for dogs, cats, and other four-pawed creatures with whom many share their lives.

Items in the Gucci pet collection

Image credit: Gucci/@GUCCI/Facebook
Image credit: Gucci/@GUCCI/Facebook

Gucci has left no stone unturned for the ultimate luxury care of pets. The massive collection includes everything from air tags to beds for pampering the pooches.

Priced at USD 220 a piece, the holder for air tag falls in the lowest range. They come in multiple colours, including one bearing the famous interlocking GG symbol and web stripe of the brand.

Waste bag holders of various designs and colours are priced between USD 420 and USD 460. Owners can go for their regular stroll with Gucci leashes on their pets, priced between USD 335 to USD 660, depending on the size and design.

Leather collars outfitted with gold hardware, including one that is inspired by choker necklaces are also available. It comes with a spike trim too. The collars are priced between USD 280 to USD 500 depending on the size and make.

Accessories also include several types of harnesses, feeding bowls, feeding mats, and two pet carriers with web — all priced anywhere between USD 325 to USD 4,050.

There is also a travel bowl set with the interlocking GG monogram priced at USD 4250.

A range of colourful pet coats and wool sweaters are available for the ultimate comfort of the beloved boys and girls in any weather. Even their need for resting like kings and queens — which they are — has been taken care of with a range of Herbarium and Geometric G pet beds, each priced at USD 7,500.

Online Exclusives

Some items are exclusively available online. These include a holder for air tag with a red butterfly motif, a yellow-blue geometric GG design waste bag carrier, a similar patterned cotton T-shirt, leashes and pet collars.

Gucci has also taken note of the environment while creating the collection. The products include materials derived from recycled polyester and cotton besides renewable, animal-free sources.

A campaign photoshoot was done by Namibian-German artist and designer Max Siedentopf with cats, corgis and other pets, posing with pieces from the Gucci pet collection.

(Main image credit: Max Siedentopf/Gucci; Featured image credit: Gucci/@GUCCI/Facebook)

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