Bella Ramsey reveals her Eurovision obsession: ‘Nobody loves it more than me’

The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey has said that “nobody loves Eurovision more” than she does while answering questions about the contest on Twitter.

The actor and Eurovision superfan, 19, “set the record straight” about the international competition during a segment for the song contest’s official Twitter page called “Why you’re wrong about Eurovision with Bella Ramsey”.

Ramsey first responded to a message from a user who said they did not understand the point of Eurovision.

“The point,” Ramsey told them, “is unbridled joy, deep happiness, meeting your co-workers the next day and talking about why you preferred Finland to Sweden.

“We’re sharing the music of other cultures. It’s education. That is the point.”

Responding to a comment about Eurovision being “overrated”, she said: “Eurovision gets over 160 million TV viewers and this comment got like one like. Just saying.”

In the video, she also sang Eurovision winner Abba’s 1974 hit “Waterloo” when asked: “Why do you listen to Eurovision artists?”

She was not happy with a tweet that said Eurovision “isn’t a serious competition”.

Ramsey signed off with a little dance and singalong to “Lipstick” by 2011 Irish duo entrant Jedward.

This year’s final takes place in Liverpool on Saturday 13 May. The UK entrant this year is Mae Muller. Read everything you need to know about her here and meet all 37 contestants here.

Additional reporting by Press Association