Bella Hadid, Joan Smalls, Martha Hunt: this week's lockdown looks

Another week of lockdown has brought with it a further trove of images shared by fashion-sphere icons, who have embraced a host of alternative looks as they put their glamorous lifestyles on hold to wait out the pandemic in homebody duds. The snaps offer a great opportunity to draw inspiration from hitherto unseen racks of functional, comfy and occasionally sporty attire and also an apt example for those of us who feel guilty about setting aside office outfits to take a leap with leisure. From, among others, Bella Hadid, Martha Hunt and Joan Smalls, here's a roundup of some of the most striking looks posted over the past week.

Functional like Bella Hadid
The American top model has taken advantage of the lockdown to reconnect with nature in her family home in Pennsylvania. In the latest snaps posted on Instagram, we can see Ms. Hadid in outfits that are more practical than glamorous. Clad in jeans and boots with a T-shirt and a down jacket, she's enjoying outdoor activities like planting lavender, playing with a kid (of the four-footed sort) and looking after horses. It certainly looks to be more fun than quarantine in a big city.

Casual like Constance Jablonski
The French model has set aside her daily workouts for the more relaxed pastime of cards, an activity that does not require voluminous dresses or glamorous gowns, especially when playing solitaire. Instead, Ms. Jablonski has opted for a laidback outfit of white cut-off denim shorts, a thin-stripe T-shirt, and a red light jacket. Comfort is the name of the game.

Disco like Joan Smalls
The Puerto Rican top model, who is currently in lockdown on her native island, has opted for a lightly clad look that is well-suited to the Caribbean climate. Recently she's been seen in this denim something (we can't be sure if they are shorts or jeans) paired with a shiny strapless top that brings to mind disco... Well yes, perhaps we are jumping to conclusions when we describe this outfit as a disco look, but we do appreciate this glamorous touch, which suits her down to the ground.

Sporty like Chiara Ferragni
The influencer and designer has been very active on social networks since the lockdown began in Italy, where she has been spending her days with family and wearing mostly laidback outfits. A case in point is this gray tracksuit with pink details, which featured in Ms. Ferragni's brand's collaboration with Champion. It is just the right outfit in which to savor one of Italy's most famous dishes, especially when the pizza is home cooked and fresh from the oven.

Glamorous like Martha Hunt
Finally, there is nothing like a welcome break from the homewear/trackpants/leggings orthodoxy of lockdown looks, especially when it is for a good reason. The American top model decided it was not a moment for sportswear when she celebrated her 31st birthday on April 27 in this sexy, ultra-glamorous, cutaway dress.