After being deployed for 4 months, man surprises his fiancé in Arizona

After being deployed for four months in the military, a man surprised his fiancé in Phoenix, Arizona, by coming home sooner than expected. Monday (May 17) was a sweet surprise at a Texas Roadhouse where everyone participated in surprising her, as she sat waiting for her drinks, not realizing that her server is no one else but her love. Dating since 2018, both got engaged in December or 2019. He told Newflare: "it was so awesome to see her again, I was grateful to be able to talk to her every night, and the whole experience of coming home was awesome, and the outreach and support that we received were incredible. Especially from the restaurant. Never been away from family for so long, but it was amazing." He and her friend, Alondra, had been planning this surprise for a week, as she was staying in Arizona alone while he was deployed. Alondra told Newsflare: "It was kinda rough for her to be completely alone in a state with absolutely no family. Just her and her two dogs after he got deployed. I invited her over as much as I could and kept her company in hopes of making it easier for her." "He and I had been planning this for a week without her knowledge, and it was definitely hard to keep it from her! I knew it would be such a beautiful surprise as she was not expecting him home for another week. All in all, it turned out perfect!"

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