Beijing residents fear Wuhan-style lockdown if cases continue to rise

In Beijing, fears of a second wave of coronavirus are steadily mounting. The Chinese capital has recorded another 27 new infections, taking the city’s current outbreak to 106 cases since last Thursday (June 11). That makes it the most serious flare-up in China since February. It’s not in a Wuhan-style lockdown. It’s instituting 24-hour security checkpoints in neighborhoods, closing schools, and banning wedding banquets. All high-risk people in Beijing - such as those who are close contacts of newly infected people - are banned from leaving the city. "I'm in shock”, this student said. “It was supposed to be nearly over and then we suddenly get another wave of cases. The virus is scary, and we still haven't developed a vaccine for it." Some transport services were closed down on Tuesday to try to stop the spread of the virus. China’s financial hub Shanghai demanded some travelers from Beijing be quarantined for two weeks. The outbreak has been traced to the sprawling Xinfadi wholesale food market in the southwest of Beijing, where thousands of tons of food changes hands each day.