Beijing presses on with mass COVID testing

STORY: Beijing was testing the more than 3.5 million residents of its Chaoyang district on Wednesday, all of whom were screened on Monday (April 25) as well.

On Tuesday (April 26), 16 million from other districts were also tested and are due for another round on Thursday (April 28). In total, 20 million of Beijing's 22 million will be tested three times by the end of the week.

Results for almost all samples from the first round came through on Wednesday afternoon, with 12 tubes of mixed samples showing positive, a Beijing health official said. Some 46 new cases have been identified since 4 p.m. on Tuesday, a second Beijing official said.

Beijing residents have rushed to stock up on food and other supplies as the city races to stop a nascent outbreak of dozens from spiralling into a crisis that could force it into a distressing Shanghai-type lockdown.

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