De Beers celebrates the butterfly in its Portraits of Nature collection

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De Beers celebrates the transformative spirit of the butterfly with the exclusive Portraits of Nature collection in glorious diamonds.

The butterfly is a beacon of change — a metamorphosis. It is a symbol of conservation — just like diamonds that are precious and beautiful treasures of nature. And this very ethos is celebrated in De Beers’ newest collection that honours the symbolic transformation of a butterfly, bringing forth its gentle and playful spirit as well as the role it plays in nature. 

The collection, named Portraits of Nature, is an ethereal expression of the wearer’s ever-evolving journey. Within the collection is a muse — the iconic African Monarch butterfly that’s known for its effervescent orange-red hue and a brown-black gradient, with white spots. 

Ten pieces make up the Fine Jewellery collection, fluttering in as the quintessentially perfect gift for loved ones or yourself — #selflove. Modern elegance and free-spirited playfulness accent the collection, with pavé-set diamonds tracing the shapes of the butterfly’s wings, finished with a mix of fancy cut diamonds and illuminated by intricate diamond patterns that shimmer from every angle — creating a sense of movement and energy. 

Like the butterfly and its wearer, each piece if unique. From the pendant to a full-blown necklace, a stunning butterfly brooch in all-white diamonds to the exquisite openwork butterfly on the cocktail ring, the collection leaves no stones unturned when it comes to bedazzling the women of change today. To top it off, a dazzling headband in white diamond with a butterfly alighting on the hair — detachable whenever a simple diamond hair decoration is desired — completes the collection. 

The collection is now available at De Beers Suria KLCC. Go ahead and make your heart flutter. 

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