A bee-autiful rescue at KLIA

Azril Annuar
File picture of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang. A swarm of bees was found in the main terminal of the airport. — Picture by Mohd Yusof Mat Isa

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11 ― After being criticised for fumigating a migrating swarm of bees at KLIA2 recently, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) took a more humane approach when a second swarm of bees was found in KLIA main terminal.

In a post on its Twitter account, MAHB had acquired the services of volunteer bees rescue group Penyelamat Lebah to relocate the new swarm which was found last night.

And their mission was successful.

“Last night’s bee rescue mission at KLIA was a success, thanks to our new found friends from @penyelamatlebah. These bee saving specialists are definitely night time superheroes in disguise. We will continue to care for all at the airport, including bees. Have a bee-utiful Friday!” said the tweet.

Acting CEO Raja Azmi Raja Nazuddin had earlier Tweeted that they will “save” the bees and dubbed Penyelamat Lebah as experts capable of handling the task.

Other Twitter users praised MAHB for their effort such as Stupe @tristupe who thanked the company for saving them instead of killing them as many species of bees have been listed as endangered.

“And thank you to @MY_Airports for going the better way to save these bees than to fumigate them under pressure by some business man that think MAHB is not doing enough! I love MAHB!” tweeted Stupe who was referring to the complain lodge by Air Asia chief Tan Sri Tony Fernandes over the first swarm.

Fernandes was among the first two who had severely criticised MAHB when his staff had reported a migrating swarm had taken refuge at Bay Q4. The swarm had not built a hive but was migrating to find a new one.

In response MAHB had said it would monitor the situation before taking action and had finally opted to fumigate the first swarm.

“The story of the migrating swarm of bees that set KLIA2 abuzz this morning came to a sad (for the bees) but successful ending tonight. The fumigation exercise was done by the pest control team at 8pm as scheduled,” it tweeted.

This drew the ire other Twitter users including Iman Tanita al Ghul who told them they could have contacted experts such as Penyelamat Lebah for relocation services.

“There are expert groups like @penyelamatlebah that offers the relocation but they weren’t reached out to in the first place, probably due to lack of publicity of their existence. The bees weren’t in attacking mode, they were dormant and mahb waited till 8pm to do the process,” she said.

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