Bedridden Johor cancer patient, who was forced to take ambulance to EPF office, dies after battle with disease

Mark Ryan Raj
Husnah, 56, gained a lot of attention on social media last month when she was forced to take an ambulance to the EPF office despite being bedridden. ― Picture courtesy of Nur Sheila Abdullah

PETALING JAYA, Jan 29 ― The cancer patient, who was forced to visit the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) office in Johor Baru, despite being bedridden has died.

Husnah Devi Abdullah, 56, passed away on January 24 after battling stage 4 breast cancer.

Her death was reported on Facebook page Daily Traffic Report when they shared that her sister Nur Sheila Abdullah had informed them of her passing.

When contacted by Malay Mail, Sheila said her sister died peacefully right before morning prayers.

She said Husnah was surrounded by her family during those final moments adding that just three days before she passed, her family was unnerved when she began to lose her vision.

“Everyone in the family came and gathered to be around her, we all feared the worst.”

Her condition did not improve and Sheila said Husnah embraced her only son, who had been taking care of her, and told him that it was her time to go.

A shot from Husnah’s funeral proceedings last week. ― Picture courtesy of Nur Sheila Abdullah

“The day before it happened, she pulled her son in close and held his hand. She told him that it was her time,” said Sheila.

“He was always by her side and had been taking care of her all this while.”

Husnah was buried at the Mount Austin Islamic Cemetery in Johor Baru, near her family home.

Her plight came to light when Sheila wrote on Facebook last month about how despite being bedridden, Husnah was asked to physically be present at the EPF office in Johor Baru in order to withdraw funds from her own account.

Sheila and her siblings were then forced to rent an ambulance to transport Husnah to the EPF office, which was deemed unnecessary when they eventually arrived and spoke to the staff.

The post went viral and garnered over 21,000 likes, with over 14,000 shares.

EPF later released a statement apologising for their staff’s poor attitude and handling of the matter.

Sheila told Malay Mail today that she was extremely proud to be Husnah’s sister as she was a very strong, self-standing woman, who was well-known and liked by many in the community.

She said Husnah was a single mother to two daughters and a son, but raised them on her own after getting a divorce from her husband.

“As her sister, I’m really proud of her and the person she was. She raised three kids all on her own after getting divorced,” said Sheila.

“She took care of them by herself and supported them by working as a tailor, making garments and clothes to order.”

After hearing the news of Husnah’s death from Daily Traffic Report's post, social media users offered prayers and messages of goodwill for Husnah and her family.

Social media users pray that Husnah is blessed with God’s grace in the afterlife. ― Screengrab via Facebook/@DailyTrafficReports

“We pray that she is alright. She passed on the holiest of days so may she blessed by God’s grace,” wrote one user.

While some users were quick to take a swipe at EPF and the officer who handled Husnah’s withdrawal dealings and blame them for causing added stress and physical exertion to her, Sheila cleared the air and said that everything had already been taken care of.

“Before she passed, everything that we needed to settle at the EPF was done, there were no more problems,” said Sheila.

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