Becca Moore Reveals Mystery Partner 'Sam' She Is Dating Is YouTuber Shannon Beveridge: 'Did Not Expect This'

The social media star previously referred to her mystery partner as 'Sam' in social media videos

<p>Becca Moore /TikTok</p> Shannon Beveridge and Becca Moore

Becca Moore /TikTok

Shannon Beveridge and Becca Moore

Becca Moore is introducing her new partner to the world!

The TikTok star, 26, confirmed she is dating YouTuber Shannon Beveridge in a video posted on Friday, July 5, after months of keeping the identity of her new partner under wraps, referring to them only as “Sam” on social media.

“Meet Sam!! Did not expect this but, here we are!” Moore wrote as she shared photos of herself with Beveridge, 32, in a video on TikTok.

The clip began with the caption, “How it started,” as a screenshot of a 2022 tweet written by Moore was shown which read, “I know sexuality isn’t a choice because I am somehow straight.”

<p>Becca Moore /TikTok</p> Moore and Beveridge have confirmed their romance on social media

Becca Moore /TikTok

Moore and Beveridge have confirmed their romance on social media

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The following slide showed a second tweet from Moore posted in December 2023: "Yesterday I saw a really hot girl,” it read, seemingly hinting to back when she first met Beveridge. “Anyways here’s my playlist for today,” she added with a screenshot of the song “1950” by King Princess on Spotify, which played over the clip.

Moore and Beveridge were next seen smiling together in a photo of the pair at Moore's birthday party in June with the caption, “The hot girl I saw.” A second snap showed the pair embracing at a restaurant table as Moore wrote, “How it’s going.” Beveridge was also seen kissing Moore on her cheek at the restaurant.

Other photos shared showed the couple laughing in a van together, going grocery shopping, riding in the backseat of a car and hanging out at home. A final shot showed Moore and Beveridge embracing while watching fireworks at night. “Turns out I actually am for the girls lol,” Moore finally wrote.

<p>Becca Moore /TikTok</p> Moore previously teased her new partner as 'Sam' in TikTok videos for months

Becca Moore /TikTok

Moore previously teased her new partner as 'Sam' in TikTok videos for months

Moore’s hard launch with Beveridge comes after she spoke about meeting Beveridge's mom for the first time in a video posted on June 7.

“I’ve been calling the person Sam online because we haven't hard launched yet,” Moore explained. “We just don't know how to do it. I don't know the best way, I wish I could, it would make my life so much easier.”

Moore said she, Beveridge and her mom went to dinner and then a comedy club, which “was so fun.” She said of her new relationship, “This is just like a different relationship than I've ever been in before … It’s also crazy to be dating someone and just feel happy all the time.”

Moore spoke about having a new partner — referring to them only as “Sam” — in a TikTok video on April 3 captioned, “all the mistakes I’ve made in my talking stage lol.”

In the clip, Moore revealed that she’d had a “secret crush” on Sam “for a while” up until Sam finally DMed her and asked for her number. “I was like, ‘oh my god,’ I have the zoomies running around my apartment … jumping up and down,” Moore said of her reaction.

“... We end up kissing after our [first] date and that's how I found out that Sam is allergic to lip-plumping lip gloss,” she shared.

In a following TikTok video posted on April 10, Moore said she and Sam had “gone on a few dates” as she spoke about renting out a theater as a birthday surprise for Sam on their most recent date. Moore spoke about how Sam also threw her a birthday surprise in a video posted on June 14.

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