Because She's Worth It! Spider Monkey Sunbathes Like She's in a Photoshoot

A spider monkey put on quite the performance as she lounged in the sun at a South American sanctuary.

Footage by Natalia Cara de Medeiros shows the 28-year-old monkey soaking up some rays at La Senda Verde Wildlife Sanctuary in Bolivia back in December, switching positions and posing like she was at her own personal photoshoot.

De Medeiros told Storyful that the spider monkey was a victim of animal trafficking, and her mother was killed when she was a baby so that she could be sold as a pet.

“Thirteen years later, she was rescued and has lived at an animal refuge since, where, unfortunately, she’ll have to spend the rest of her life, as she wouldn’t survive in the wild,” she said.

“All things considered, she has a good life now and rules the place. Many other monkeys live there, but she is the only one that sunbathes like this, like she is in a photoshoot. It’s so funny to watch!” Credit: Natalia Cara de Medeiros via Storyful