What is the Beautyrest Select mattress and should you buy it in Memorial Day sales?

 Beautyrest Select Mattress placed on a grey bedframe on a jute rug.
Beautyrest Select Mattress placed on a grey bedframe on a jute rug.

The Beautyrest Select is the most affordable bed in the brand's growing range of memory foam and hybrid mattresses, with prices starting from $569 and a queen size Select costing just $699 at Beautyrest. There are four Beautyrest collections in total: the Beautyrest Black, Beautyrest Harmony, Beautyrest PressureSmart and the Beautyrest Select, the budget range.

Beautyrest makes some of the best mattresses of 2024 for all sleepers seeking quality beds made to last several years or more. Despite being the cheapest option in the brand's range, the Beautyrest Select is highly customizable as it comes in your choice of four different firmness options. You can even upgrade to a Plush pillow top (ideal for side sleepers) for an extra $100. That's an excellent price for a pillow-top mattress.

While the Beautyrest Select isn't discounted right now, we're hoping to see it in the forthcoming Memorial Day mattress sales. But is it even worth the money, or should you spend a little more to get a better quality affordable mattress? Here's what you need to know...

The Beautyrest Select mattress: Overview


  • Multiple comfort options

  • Affordable price

  • Antimicrobial cover

  • White glove delivery


  • All-foam design might retain heat

If you’re looking for a top-rated affordable mattress that will offer you your own individual level of personal comfort, the Beautyrest Select is worth considering. This mattress comes in your choice of four comfort levels – firm, medium, plus, and plush pillow top – so there's an option to suit every sleep position and body weight.

Beautyrest Select Mattress
Beautyrest Select Mattress

Each firmness level suits a particular style of sleeper so side sleeps may want to go for the plush or pillow top plush whilst back and stomach sleepers who require extra comfort and support should go for firm. And if you can’t decide what level of comfort suits you the medium tension is suitable for all type of sleeper.

The Beautyrest Select comes in every standard mattress size too, from twin to Cal King, and a choice of two heights: 11.5" and 13.5". Price wise, this mattress is the cheapest model in the entire Beautyrest range with a queen size costing just $699. That puts it in the same price bracket as the Nectar Mattress ($649 for a queen at Nectar Sleep) and The DreamCloud ($665 for a queen at DreamCloud Sleep).

While the Beautyrest sleep trial and warranty are standard at 100 nights and 10 years respectively, the free white glove delivery is rare for a cheaper mattress – Cocoon by Sealy, which has the top-rated Chill Memory Foam Mattress on offer for $699 for a queen with $179 of free bedding – is one of the only rival brands to offer free mattress installation and old bed removal at this price point.

The Beautyrest Select: From $569 at Beautyrest
Beautyrest runs discounts throughout the year, but mostly around major holiday events such as Memorial Day and Black Friday. Right now we aren't seeing any discounts on the Beautyrest Select, but at $699 for a queen with free white glove delivery we still feel it's worth buying. If you don't need a new bed urgently however, consider waiting to see if a discount arrives closer to Memorial Day on 27th May.

The Beautyrest Select mattress: Prices & trial

The Beautyrest Select is one of the cheapest mattresses that Beautyrest sell and it sits firmly within mid to budget range when at full MSRP. Unlike some of the other mattress suppliers that have an evergreen sales, Beautyrest keeps its discounts for the main holiday events. During the recent President’s Day mattress sales, for example, we saw savings of up to $1,100 across the Beautyrest line-up.

This mattress may be a budget option but it’s choice of four firmness options does push it up towards luxury quality. The Beautyrest Select is a mattress that can give you the best comfort whilst leaving you with some extra dollars in the bank.

Plus, there’s a 100-night sleep trial, which is ideal if you’re unsure whether you’ve selected the right mattress firmness for you. You'll also get a 10 year warranty, free returns and white glove delivery, which we normally only see with luxury beds such as those from Saatva, Tempur-Pedic and Stearns & Foster.

The Beautyrest Select mattress: Design & materials

  • DualCool Plus technology for cooler sleep

  • 800 Series Pocketed Coils boost support and motion isolation

  • Multiple layers of memory and comfort foam

Beautyrest Select Mattress
Beautyrest Select Mattress

It can be difficult to decide what level of firmness you need when selecting a new mattress but the Beautyrest Select makes it easy as they have a good range that will suit all types of sleeper.  As well as coming in a variety of comfort, the depth of the mattress also changes depending on which firmness option you opt for and they range from 11.5" for a firm mattress and 14.25" for the Plush Pillow Top.

Like the best hybrid mattresses for all sleepers, the Beautyrest Select has layers of premium memory foam that work to help offer good spinal alignment. There’s also a layer of Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam and Stretch- Flex Fiber that contour around your body and provide exceptional pressure relief.

There’s also a layer of 800 Series Pocketed Coil Technology that not only offers head-to-toe support but also works to keep the bed cool and comfortable as it promotes better airflow.  In fact, this mattress is a great choice for hot sleepers as it also has Beautyrest’s own DualCool Plus technology which is made with a moisture-wicking fabric to keep you ultra cool whilst you sleep.

The Beautyrest Select mattress: Support & comfort

  • Four comfort levels to choose from

  • Hybrid design offers full body support

  • Optional upgrade to a pillow-top for sink-in softness

It doesn’t matter what type of sleeper you are, this mattress has a firmness option that will suit you.  You have four options to choose from. If you’re a back or stomach sleeper then the firm option is best. Heavier sleepers will also find this a good choice as you’ll find yourself lying on top of the mattress rather than sinking in to it and your weight will be evenly distributed across the surface for extra support.

Side sleepers will find the plush option is the best, this offers a supportive yet soft surface area that will respond to your movement leaving you move around freely overnight. For side sleepers who like that cloud-like feeling when they sleep the plush pillow top is the ideal choice. This will give you plenty of support whilst leaving you feeling super comfortable.

And for sleepers who don’t like it too hard or too soft and want just the right amount of pressure relief, the medium tension mattress is ideal. This is great all all types of sleeper and especially combination sleepers who may move around a lot at night.

Should you buy the Beautyrest Select mattress?

Buy the Beautyrest Select mattress if…

✅  You need a choice of firmness options: Whether you’re a back, side or combination sleeper, there’s a firmness option available. If you share a bed and your partner has a different sleeping style to you then there is a medium option that’s suitable for all sleepers.

You get woken up by a restless partner: There is nothing worse than sharing a bed and being woken up by a partner who is restless or up and down to the toilet all night. The good news is that regardless of the firmness option you choose, this mattress offers exceptional motion isolation so you won’t notice when there’s movement in the bed.

You don’t want to spend a lot: Budget doesn’t have to mean poor quality when it comes to the Beautyrest Select. This low-cost mattress is comfortable, supportive and a really good buy if you’re on a budget.

Don’t buy the Beautyrest Select mattress if…

You need a longer trial period: Beautyrest do offer a decent trial period of 100-nights but if you don’t think that’s enough time to get used to your new mattress then look for alternative brands that offer a longer at home sleep trial.

You sleep really hot: There are warm sleepers then there are HOT sleepers, if you’re finding that you wake up at night drenched in sweat then you may find this mattress too hot despite its cooling properties. If you’re a very hot sleeper, choosing one of the best cooling mattresses might be a better option.

You’re not sure what you want: Having a choice of four firmness options is great but if you’re not really sure what level of support you need, this can be a little overwhelming. Try to work out what kind of sleeper you are and what areas you need supporting when you sleep before picking a new mattress to avoid the disappointment of an uncomfortable mattress when it arrives.

The Beautyrest Select mattress: The bottom line

The great thing about the Beautyrest Select is whatever support or comfort level you need, there's an option for you. This hybrid mattress is designed for those who share a bed and don't want to get disturbed by a restless partner, as motion isolation is a firm focus feature.

The rest of the design is geared up to deliver pressure relief, and to distribute weight evenly for proper full body support, all while keeping your spine aligned during sleep. This should reduce any aches and pains you feel in bed.

We also feel the Beautyrest Select is good value at just $699 for a queen size with free white glove delivery. Hopefully we'll see it even cheaper soon, boosting its value for money further.

The Beautyrest Select mattress: Alternatives

Saatva Classic: was from $1,395 | $1,170 at Saatva
Like the Beautyrest Select, the Saatva Classic has three firmness options to choose from including firm, luxury firm and plush. There's also a choice of heights with 11.5" and 14.5" on offer. It is a lot more expensive than the Beautyrest Selcet and doesn't have the foam layers – instead it's made up of innersprings making it a great choice for sleepers with joint pain. We scored it highly in all key areas during our Saatva Classic mattress review and recommend it to anyone seeking a luxury hotel-style bed for their home. A queen is currently priced $1,795 (was $2,095) in the new Saatva mattress sale and you'll get a year's trial, lifetime warranty and free white glove delivery.View Deal

Nolah Evolution 15: was from $1,499 | $1,049 at Nolah
The Nolah Evolution has three firmness options including plush, luxury and luxury firm. It's a deluxe hybrid and that means that it does come at a significantly higher price than the Beautyrest Select. As we explain in our Nolah Evolution 15 mattress review this is a great choice for side sleepers as it features zoned AirFoam and HDMax Tri-Zone coils, offering responsive pressure relief and targeted support where side sleepers need it most. It's also a good one for hot sleepers as it has a cooling euro topper which is breathable and helps to dissipate excess body heat. A queen is currently reduced to $1,749 (was $2,499), with free shipping, a 120-night sleep trial and lifetime warrnty.View Deal