Beauty queen Lina Teoh in terrifying road rage ordeal

KUALA LUMPUR, Wed: Former Miss Malaysia and model Lina Teoh's terrifying road bully encounter set alarm bells off on social networking sites yesterday.

The ordeal, narrated through a status update on her Facebook page, received close to 2,000 shares since she posted it on Monday, creating buzz and sprouting numerous discussions on the rising level of crime in the capital city.

Teoh, who is also an actress and documentary producer, said the incident took place at 10.30am on Monday as she was coming out of the normally crowded roundabout at Jalan Duta to head towards Jalan Kuching.

"A motorbike hit the front of my car from the left. As I was driving very slow, almost stationary, the impact was almost nothing but still the motorcyclist fell down and grabbed his leg like he'd been hit and injured, which was impossible because he hardly touched my car!" she said.

The man, she added, then began yelling and demanded that she pay RM300 for damages although it appeared there was no damage to either vehicle.

"I had already RM50 on standby to give him in exchange for a peaceful outcome even though it wasn't my fault in the first place and I knew I was being taken for a ride."

"He continued to argue with me saying what about his medical bills, etc even though he had no injury," she said.

Seeing the commotion, a passing motorcyclist stopped and found out what happened from Teoh.

"He said "Ma'am, if it wasn't your fault then you don't have to pay him, just leave"," she said.

But as she walked towards the car, the man followed her and repeatedly asked her for her personal details, including her phone number.

"I suddenly felt more threatened by this new guy than the ranting original guy who hit me! I try to get into my car and he holds open my door trying to stop me from leaving. Thankfully I manage to yank the door shut and drive off!" she said.

Still shaken from the encounter, Teoh said she drove on only to get stuck in another traffic jam at the Putra World Trade Centre exit.

It was at this point that the incident took a more violent twist.

"The first guy who hit me comes from behind and parks his bike in front of my car, gets off and starts screaming at me and hitting my car, trying to break my window."

"I wind down my window slightly and throw some money out to distract him. He hits the back of my car with a huge thick chain as I drive off and I spend the next 5 minutes driving through as many traffic free streets as I can find to escape him."

Teoh said although she was safe and thankful that she managed to escape unhurt, she realised there were some things that she should not have done.

"Firstly, trust no one! As sad as this is to say, today I really believed it :( I didn't think clearly enough about what I should do in this situation. So I share this story with you in hope(s) that you will think about what you would do in my situation and hopefully you will be better prepared than I was."

"Please drive safely ladies and beware of your surroundings :(."

These are some of the comments (unedited) from concerned fans on her Facebook fanpage:

Karen Chew: OMG! So many hooligans out to harm ladies, ladies have to learn martial art to defend ourselves! T.q. For sharing.

Wickie Choong: i also hv tried this last two years at chow kit. the guy drive motor bike hit my car is holding a knive. luckily a malay man with honda crv save me or not i also dunno what will happen.

Patricia Lowe-Yong: Everyone, should this happen to you, which I pray not to happen, do not get out of car. Wind down a crack if your window, tell the other party ur heading to the police station. Call anyone near you who could come meet you at the station. Make sure you have all details. I know when this happens one is most likely too frightened to remember what happened but you must.

Lina, thank goodness you are alright.

Gerlinde Kiti: msia is becoming dangerous than than before

Eolanda Yeo: Note: Pls make a police report within 24 hrs. Less likely for police to listen to the party who does not make report within 24 hrs despite you trying to convince them.

Fiona Wong: It is sad that nowhere is safe anymore. Have to be careful all the time and with things happening around us we are living in fear. I am always scare for my kids.... With the recent kidnaping case. Now going malls also becomes a stressful activity not just for kids but everyone. It is tiring :(