Bears rescued from controversial Pakistan zoo

Suzy and Babloo are two bears being rescued from a zoo in Pakistan.

These are the last animals at this controversial Islamabad zoo to be removed from the facility.

And come just weeks after an elephant -- dubbed the "world's loneliest" elephant -- at the time, was rescued from the same place.

A court ordered the zoo to close following years of campaigning by activists and animal advocates, including Cher -- the American pop star.

Doctor Amir Khalil is from the Four Paws animal rescue group:

"The two bears have serious health problems, not physical because physically we were able to manage with the bears in the last weeks. But the main problem to consider is, according to the record, they are former dancing bears. So some of the dancing bears (are) without teeth at all. The male bear, Babloo, one of his canines is severely infected and (will) need immediate extraction as soon as we bring him to Jordan. And sure a lot of other things are needed, especially the stereotype behaviour and the mental disturbance. Animals who are under captivity for a long time, its really very hard. They need time to accommodate."

The pair will now be airlifted to their new home in Jordan.

Where they'll share thousands of acres of forest with ten other bears.

Meanwhile Kaavan, the elephant, is at a sanctuary in Cambodia and is said to be showing signs of improvement.