Bear Seen 'Contemplating the Weather' in Snowy South Lake Tahoe

While others were hunkering down during the snow in South Lake Tahoe, California, a black bear emerged from his den and spent some time “contemplating the weather”, as a local nature enthusiast put it.

Footage by Toogee Sielsch shows the bear sitting on a pile of snow and looking toward the night sky outside its crawlspace den.

Writing about the bear on Instagram, Sielsch said it spent around 45 minutes sitting in the same spot, “contemplating the weather, his world, and maybe even the greater universe.”

Another video by Sielsch, recorded later that evening shows the bear try to clear snow from the entrance to its den.

Sielsch regularly posts photos and videos related to South Lake Tahoe’s “urbanized black bear population” on his Instagram profile. Credit: Toogee Sielsch via Storyful

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