'The Bear' Season 3 Is All About "Non-Negotiables"


With its highly anticipated third season just a few weeks away, FX has served up the official trailer for the imminent chapter of The Bear. After dropping off a brief teaser a few days back, the new two-minute trailer offers a better glimpse into this season's inner workings of everyone's favorite trio both in and out of the kitchen: Jeremy Allen White's Carmy, Ayo Edibiri's Sydney and Ebon Moss-Bachrach's Richie.

After season two left off with the team's new restaurant's soft opening (and Carmy's break-up with Claire), season three marks the real test of the upscale eatery's real success; Carmy opens the trailer with a list of "non-negotiables" – including "less is more," "vibrant collaboration," "pursuit of excellence" and, in all caps, "FOCUS."

"They're non-negotiables, it's how restaurants at the highest level operate," Carmy explains. "These are the scribblings of a madman," Richie fires back at Carmy's extensive list later on.

The trailer also sees Sydney and Carmy officially become "partners" on paper, and the team at large vying for a Michelin star.

"If any food critics come in, it's code red," Matty Matheson's Neil exclaims as incorrect orders fly in and out of the kitchen and Carmy's temper tightens.

"This is what you wanted, right?" he asks Sydney at the close of the chaos-filled clip.

Stream the trailer in full in the gallery above, and expect the full third season of The Bear to land on Hulu on Thursday, June 27.