Bear Plays With Plant in California Family's Yard

A California family watched in surprise as a bear entered their yard in La Canada and began playing with one of their plants.

Christina Shakarian recorded the video of the incident and uploaded it to Instagram. Shakarian said her son initially alerted her to the bear after it broke into their garden.

“My son was home and called me on FaceTime and said look who I just ran into in our backyard,” Shakarian told Storyful, adding that she started filming as soon as she got home. Shararian said the bear spent “about an hour” sitting in her yard until it jumped over a fence and left.

Shakarian told Storyful it’s not their first encounter with this bear. “She visits our home often, poops on our lawn and raids our trash cans, making lots of messes,” Shakarian said. “It is not fun and potentially very dangerous.” Credit: Christina Shakarian via Storyful

Video transcript

- I want to go outside.

- OK. I'm going home, OK?

- OK, bye-bye.

- Bye.

- Oh, don't break it. Don't break it. Don't break it. What are you doing? Stop! Stop! Why are you breaking my plant?


Put it back. Put it back.


Put it back. What are you doing? It's going to snap. It's not for you. Let go.


Let go. Let go.

- He's trying to eat it.

- Oh my god, it's going to break. It's my pretty plant.


No! Stop! It's going to slap his face when he lets go. Oh. Don't do that again. Bad bear.


- I was outside for so long.

- I was getting pumpkin carving materials. I was going to sit on this grass right here. As I'm going to open the door--

- Wait, Sean, you're going to die.

- Can I go scootering?

- He looks so sad-- or she. What are you doing? You're going to break my chair.

- Why's he staring at me like that? Oh, Sean.

- What's he doing?

- Snacking on a sunflower seed stuck in his skin. He's snacking on those ticks. He's just scratching. Get it. Get it. Get it, bear. What are you going to call a bear with the green tag? We've got to give him a name.

- His name is-- her name is Clarissa or something.

- Clarissa.

- So sad.

- He's eating our plants.

- [INAUDIBLE] Eat that honey.


- Sean, stop.

- Eat more.

- No, no, that's his house, but then it goes to right there behind the tree.

- Hike, are you guys on Norin? Hike, are you guys on Norin?

- No, no, we're at Kendall's house. We're at Kendall's house.

- That's on Norin?

- He's going to break my couch. Oh no! Get your claws out of there! No, don't put your nails in there!


Stop! Dammit.


Hey! Don't ruin my chair. Yeah, you, get your claws out of there.




- [INAUDIBLE] damage.