Bear Freed After Spending 28 Days With Head Stuck in Plastic Container

A bear in Collier County, Florida, had its head freed from a plastic container on November 10, after having it stuck there for 28 days, officials said.

This clip, released by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, shows the bear wandering round a residential area with the container on its head. The footage then shows the bear having the container removed and being released into a forest.

“We think it was part of an automatic pet feeder due to the hole near the bear’s muzzle. Luckily that hole provided enough access to drink and eat. Even after 28 days of wearing it, the bear was still in great physical shape,” FWC Florida said.

The bear had a wound cleaned and treated by FWC staff and was released in a secure area of Picayune Strand State Forest. Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission via Storyful

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